4 Things To Learn From The Onscreen Brothers Of Gattimela And Jothe Jotheyali

Here are a few things you can take away from these brothers. Take a look!


December 26, 2019

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Vedanth and Vikranth from Gattimela and Harsha and Arya from Jothe Jotheyali are the ideal brothers. Whether or not one has a sibling, there is a lot to learn from their on-screen relationship. Vedanth and Arya are Vikranth and Harsha’s respective older brothers. But each of their relationships revolve around being each other’s strength and motivation to face whatever obstacles that come their way and move forward.

Vedanth And Vikranth From Gattimela:

Vedanth is Vikranth’s older brother in Gattimela. Vedanth was a supportive older brother to Vikranth during his time of need. When Vikranth falls in love with Aarthi, Amulya’s sister, Vedanth convinces his family and supports him through it all. Eventually, his family accepts Aarthi and the two decide to get married. Likewise, when Vedanth gets arrested in the past, Vikranth gets him out of jail. He also plays a role in helping Vedanth understand his feelings for Amulya. He supports his professional life and stands as a pillar of strength for Vedanth. The two have several emotional moments when they tell each other about their struggles with their respective love lives and help each other solve their problems.

Arya and Harsha share an emotional moment
Arya and Harsha share an emotional moment

Arya And Harsha From Jothe Jotheyali: 

Arya is Harsha’s older brother. While Arya is highly successful with his business, Harsha struggles in his professional life. Arya, as the older brother, supports him and advises him about how to go about his professional life. When Harsha has a number of mental breakdowns and feels low, Arya boosts his confidence and tells him to believe in himself. Harsha feels extremely comfortable with him and shares his insecurities with him, too. Even though Arya has no experience with relationships and is unmarried, the lack of it is what helps in making Harsha understand the importance of relationships and helps him mend things with his wife, Mansi. The two brothers share a very special bond in the serial and share a considerable amount of compassion for each other.

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