4 Reasons Why Nawab Saab From Vilayti Bhabhi Is The Coolest Domestic Help Ever


March 30, 2020


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1. Nawab is jugaadu

The Zee Punjabi serial Vilayti Bhabhi is a TV show with a variety of wicked and wacky characters. If you like Sandy, Emily, Beeji Gulab Kaur and Nirmal Kaur, then you surely know how important Nawab… sorry Nawab Saab is. Actor Guru Sewak has registered himself as the coolest domestic help of the year, and here are the reasons for it.

If you want to get tips about how to do jugaad or how to make yourself indispensable, get in touch with Nawab. He knows the rules of the game. When everyone in the pind wanted to have a glimpse of their vilayti bhabhi, Nawab stood outside the door and asked them to buy tickets for a glimpse of Emily.

2. Nawab knows how to get his way

Don’t trust the innocent, smiling face of Nawab because it’s a trap. He is very smart and knows how to make things happen his way. When Sandy-Emily’s class was not beginning due to the Sarpanchini’s discontent, Nawab threatened to commit suicide and questioned the Sarpanchini’s capabilities to get things going. When Manu tried to woo Nawab’s love interest Surilee, he convinced Manu to get married to a buffalo first.

3. Nawab is lovable

Even though Nawab is smart and jugaadu, but he is undoubtedly the most lovable person in Sandy’s family. Everyone in the family takes him seriously. Even Gulab Kaur can’t let him go. He is the one who takes the maximum abuse from her, but is still loyal towards her.

4. Nawab knows his worth

Even though he is a servant, he knows how to hold his head high. Nawab wants to get settled in life and asks Gulab Kaur to allow him to quit once he gets married. Gulab Kaur asks him to continue to work and convince his future wife to join him. Nawab instantly denies it and says that he can’t see his wife doing such work for anyone else. However, Gulab Kaur ruins Nawab’s initial wedding plans and ask Surilee to beware, which makes him decide to leave their house.

If you ever get a household help like Nawab Saab, don’t let them go, but also be kind enough to let them live their dreams.

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