4 reasons why Krishnan from Chembarathi makes for the best father character ever

Krishnan is deserving of all the love he gets from his sons. Here’s why we think Krishnan is the best father character to have.

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January 21, 2021



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If there is one character in Chembarathi who is loved by everybody, it has to be Krishnan. Being at Thrichambarath, he acts as the head of the family, even though he lets Akhilandeshwari make all the decisions regarding the family. Even though he has the power to control and change things, he is fine with his better half’s decisions and only speaks out if he spots something wrong. He always knows the right side and he gets the respect he deserves. He is the perfect husband to Akhila and the loving father to Anand and Aravind. Here’s why we think Krishnan makes for the best father character ever.

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A good friend

Krishnan is more of a friend to Aravind and Anand than a father. He guides them to the right decisions, but never controls them. Even though he is often busy with business and other family matters, he always finds time for his children. Anand and Aravind can approach him freely for absolutely anything.

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Calm and caring

We almost always see Akhila in stress, thanks to the constant escalations at Thrichambarath, but not Krishnan. He is calm and composed and always knows the best way out of situations. Even when he was attacked and captured by Priyanka, he never lost his cool and knew almost instantly that he will find his way out.

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The best advisor

Krishnan has been through a lot in his life and he knows what’s best in each situation. He never demands anything from anyone but is always ready to give. Anand and Aravind are lucky to have a father like Krishnan who is always ready to guide them on their own journeys, instead of forcing opinions. Krishnan gives some advices from his experiences and it often comes useful too.

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Always on the right side

Even though he is kind and composed almost all the time, he isn’t afraid to point out if something is wrong. Krishnan knows his authority, even though he doesn’t force it. He rarely uses it to remind people of their worth and virtues. Krishnan is not afraid to lash out at Vilasini or Ganga, giving his sons a belief of safety in the household.

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