4 Lessons We Can Learn From Kamli Ishq Di’s Deshveer Aka Jashn Singh Kohli


March 30, 2020


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1. Nationalism

The Zee Punjabi serial Kamli Ishq Di has managed to rank in the top five shows of Punjabi television because of its fresh story line and the chemistry between Veer and Mahi. There are many takeaways from the show too. Here’s a list of lessons you can take from Kamli Ishq Di.

In recent times, desh bhakti has become diluted with jingoism. But a show like Kamli Ishq Di teaches you the true meaning of national pride. You can actually sense and feel Deshveer’s (played by Jashn Singh Kohli) unfiltered love for his country. He doesn’t wear his desh bhakti da junoon on his sleeve but maintains his cool. He lets his emotions speak through his actions and sacrifices.

2. Be loyal

Now this is one of the major qualities that makes Deshveer stand out from others. He is loyal and faithful, not only to his country, but also to his family, to love of his life Mahi (played by Shehnaz Saher), and to his friends.

3. Balancing love and career

This is something we all are facing issues with. But Veer seems to be quite balanced when it comes to his love and his career. He is not at all distracted by Mahi and her silly antics. Even after getting conned about getting into the Army via a shortcut, he seems ready to face anything to fulfil his dream.

4. Be brave and focused

Throughout the show, one can actually see the hard work and effort Deshveer puts in to join the Army. He has to face disappointments on several occasions. But that hasn’t caused him to back down. If anything, he has become braver and more alert than before.

How are you going to apply these lessons in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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