4 Lessons Couples Can Take From Akhilandeswari And Shiva Shankar Of Muddha Mandaram On Being Supportive Partners

We have seen how Akhilandeswari and Shiva Shankar helped each other grow through all the difficulties in Muddha Mandaram. Here are a few lessons that all couples can learn from them.

Sneha Bale

August 6, 2020


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Muddha Mandaram is one of the longest-running shows on Zee Telugu. The drama which focused on the lives of Deva and Parvathi and their reincarnates, Abhi and Soundarya, taught us many things. Amongst the many ups and downs, one couple always stayed determined and together, and that was the first generation Ghattammaneni’s, Akhilandeswari and Shiva Shankar. Let’s take a look at some lessons that all couples can take away from the TV couple’s journey.

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Respect Your Partner

We think that an ideal relationship is between two equals. However, no relationship can strive on that. If you’re the expert in one thing, your partner is the expert in something else. Shiva Shankar and Akhilandeswari always agreed on things, despite having different approaches to every problem. And that’s because they respected each other. This is why it is important to respect your partner. Acknowledging the fact that they can do something better than you, can make a lot of difference to your  life.

Ghattammaneni family in Muddha Mandaram
First and second-generation couples of Ghattammaneni family of Muddha Mandaram pose for a picture (Source: ZEE5)

Be Vocal About The Admiration For Your Partner

It is necessary to admire your partner’s qualities from time to time. It not only makes them feel good, but also tells them that you know them well and are appreciative of it. Don’t fail to express yourself, as it’ll only help strengthen your bond and also keep the spark alive. Even after being married for over two decades, Shiva Shankar and Akhila have a way of making each other blush.

Always Support Their Work And Dreams

Today, many women are strong-headed and independent like Akhila. This is the most important reason why partners need to be like Shiva Shankar, who feel proud of their spouse and not jealous. If your spouse expresses a keen interest in growing themselves, their craft or their business – you must extend a helping hand. Even being their brand ambassador goes a long way. After all, promoting them on a social level will only boost their confidence and give both of you a sense of achievement. In the process, don’t forget to give them feedback that’ll help them get better at what they do.

Ghattammaneni family in Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)
Ghattammaneni family of Muddha Mandaram celebrates together (Source: ZEE5)

See Your Partner’s Positive Side

There will be times when you feel low or unhappy with or because of your partner. In such a circumstance, try and remember all the reasons that you love being with them. You can remind your partner to do the same when they’re going through such a phase. Akhila and Shiva Shankar were put to test several times by many people. But they came out successful each time by deciding to look at each other’s good qualities.

What other lessons do you think we can take away from them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Watch all the episodes of Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5.

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