4 Jai And Nithya Moments That Make Their Relationship Unique

Sneha Bale

April 29, 2019


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1. Always Challenging Each Other

Nithya and Manga, played by Meghana Lokesh, and their love interest Jai (played by VJ Sunny), these are who Kalyana Vaibhogam revolves around.

Just as most reel love stories go, Nithya and Jai did not fall for each other at first. They always enjoyed challenging each other more than anything else. And not just that, they would actually go out of their way to make things difficult for each other.

2. A Little Mischief! And Then Some

Jai and Nithya are always on the lookout for instances where they can trouble each other, even if it is just a wee bit. From harmless pranks to troublesome moves, this duo likes their world a little weird. Because simple is so boring! Right?

3. The Classic Chase

It took multiple attempts for Nithya and Jai to fall for each other. But the confession of their love was nowhere on the to-do list. They chased each other and enjoyed it thoroughly. Although, throwing tantrums was definitely their favourite thing.

4. Bittersweet Love

Jai played it tough in the beginning. He was the man who would never let his guard down. Nithya was the lively girl who didn’t mind taking charge every now and then. After many failed attempts and a long wait, Jai and Nithya finally came together… only for everything to fall apart. At one point, Nithya even managed to convince Manga to wed Jai, who, unknown to the fact, happily tied the knot.

After realising the truth, Jai was heartbroken but his love for Nithya remained. He seemed to be dismissing Manga but deep down, we know, he cared for her. But why did Nithya take a step like that? Let the answers unravel whenever and wherever you want only on ZEE5. You can also watch more shows featuring Meghana Lokesh.

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