4 Fights Between Muddha Mandaram’s Abhi And Soundarya That Are Hilarious

Sneha Bale

May 2, 2019


1 min

1. Fighting For The Carriage

Muddha Mandaram has been entertaining us for over four years now and it just doesn’t get old. And right when we were happy about the union of Deva and Parvathi, they died in a car accident. However, losing them wasn’t an option. So we saw them again after the 20-year generational leap as Abhi and Soundarya. But, unlike Deva and Parvathi, Abhi and Soundarya live life on different terms.

Soundarya, born to a middle-class family, is an only child and a total brat. She loses her tiffin carriage to a random man on a bike who turns out to be Abhi, the modern day Robin Hood. The next time they meet each other, Soundarya greets him saying, “Carriage dongoda, vadalanu ra na bidda” (Carriage thief, I won’t leave you, son).

2. Fighting Near The Water Tank

A few days later, Soundarya and Abhi face each other once again. This time, after the initial ‘sweetness’ and greetings, Abhi hears Soundarya’s friend call her and makes fun of her by teasing her. He says that for a name that means ‘beautiful’, has ever seen her face in the mirror? To this Soundarya replies, “Pakistan lo meesam timpina Abhinandan ekada, meesalu leni vedu ekkada!” (How great is the Abhinandan who made us proud in Pakistan and look at him!).

3. Fighting for the Guava

Next time when Abhi and Soundarya face each other as batchmates of the same college, they end up fighting for guava. Yes, that’s right! The new kids clearly need a reason to keep fighting. This time, frustrated with all the fighting, Abhinandan calls it quits by saying, “Mirapakaya mohamdana” (chilli-faced girl) and leaves.

4. Fighting In The College Campus

Even though we are listing this last, it’s quite a classic. When fighting with Abhi near his bike parked in the college campus, Soundarya tries to sincerely ask him to return her belongings. And obviously, her ‘beloved’ Abhi responds in the negative. To conclude their fight for the day, Soundarya uses the iconic Mahesh Babu dialogue and says,  “Dhimmatiregi bomma chupista“.

Can’t get enough of this hilarious fight? Same! If so, check out Vamsi and Vasundhara’s never-ending fights in Maate Mantramu on ZEE5.

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