4 Famous Legends Of The Sunderbans You Need To Know


April 2, 2020


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1. Dakshin Rai

In the latest Bengali TV serial Bagh Bondi Khela, the thrilling supernatural serial, Raya draws the ire of the great god Dakshin Rai who places a curse on her husband when they go on a trip to the great Sunderbans. The plot unfolds hereon, and we see how the misadventure plays out. Indeed, the great mangrove forests and the wild tigers that roam there make the Sunderbans a fascinating subject when it comes to folklore. Read on to discover four legends about this magnificent place.

The revered Dakshin Rai is said to be a shape-shifting deity who rules over the beasts and demons of the great Sunderban forests. Everyone bows down to him with respect, and do their best to keep him appeased. This is because if angered, he might just take the form of a tiger and devour whoever has been the cause of it. It is a tradition to pay homage to Dakshin Rai on entering the forest, to keep him from sending any tigers your way!

2. Bon Bibi

Bon Bibi is believed to be the arch enemy of Dakshin Rai. She is said to protect her people from him, with the help of her brother Shah Jongli. Bon bibi means ‘queen of the forest’ and villagers and workers who have to go into the forests, such as woodcutters and honey collectors, worship her for blessings and protection from any ghouls and beasts that the savage Dakshin Rai might unleash on them.

3. Aleya

One of the most mysterious legends of the Sunderbans is one of aleya. This is the name given by locals to the phenomenon of shimmering lights several people have claimed to sight. According to legend, these are lights projected from the spirits of fishermen who met with accidents and lost their lives in these parts. Those who have ventured towards aleya or these lights, have lost either lives or their sanity. Isn’t that spooky?

4. Begho bhoot

Baagh means tiger, and begho bhoot is derived from that word. Begho bhoots are said to be the spirits of those who unfortunately met their deaths at the jaws of the fierce Royal Bengal Tiger when they ventured into the woods. Their only desire is to make victims out of other human beings the same way, and they do this by imitating the blood-curdling growl of the tiger very well. So next time you are in the jungle and you hear such a sound, who knows if it is a tiger or a begho bhoot!

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