377 Ab Normal & Kaafir Win Big At Midday Hitlist Web Awards: Here’s Why These Stories Deserve To Be On Your Watchlist

Breaking the typical storytelling structure of the OTT world, 377 Ab-Normal and Kaafir made us believe in the power of unconventional stories. For the ones who haven’t seen these shows yet, we list down reasons that make them a compelling watch.

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December 29, 2020


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Narrating an inspiring journey of the petitioners who challenged Section 377, director Faruk Kabir’s ZEE5 film 377: Ab-Normal went on to win the prestigious title in Best Web Film category at the recent Midday Hitlist Web Awards. On the other hand actor, Mohit Raina grabbed the Best Actor (Male) award for his impressive performance in Kaafir. And we can definitely say that 2020 is the year where the quality content is dominating over the mainstream ones.

377: Ab-Normal and Kaafir are among the promising projects which are completely a labour of love, born out of sadness, anger, frustration, and executed with ultimate compassion. While one essayed an on-screen reality of India’s battle with its conventional and traditional beliefs, the other made a strong statement over Kashmir’s political turmoil. And these exceptional stories were showered with love and appreciation from viewers and critics alike. 

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Breaking the typical storytelling structure of the OTT world, 377 Ab-Normal and Kaafir made us believe in the power of the unconventional stories. Here’s taking a look at why these projects were showered with immense love and why they deserve to be on your watchlist.

Reason With A Vision

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377-Ab-Normal sheds a light on the complex relationship between Section 377 and the people of India. Essaying a sensitive topic on-screen, the film successfully highlighted the struggles of the LGBT community in India. Giving a voice to the community, the film through its multi-plot narrative tried to give an idea about the struggles, hardships, and harassment that the people of this community face. Portraying this historic movement, the film also narrates a futuristic take on the existence of the LGBT community in the nation.

In Kaafir, the plot is set across a long-ranging rivalry between two nations and their obsession over Kashmir. The Mohit Raina and Dia Mirza starrer can be best described as a cross border peace story. Based on true events, the series emphasizes on how extreme nationalism is used as a weapon in politics. Kaafir is a heartwarming story that deserves all your love. 

Realistic Narratives

A still from Kaafir
Source: Zee5

Faruk Kabir’s film was highly appreciated for its stark representation of the way the LGBT community was treated and perceived in the country. This movement highlighted many hidden stories thereby introducing a healthy discussion in the society. 

Kaafir invokes a beautiful message through its narrative. Though it redefines some strong points such as jingoism, terrorism, etc. the series also essays a different side which is purely soul-stirring and leaves you teary-eyed. 

Drama and Controversies

A still from Kaafir
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Faruk Kabir’s portrayal of the LGBT movement was on point and did justice to the story. The director also went on to express his personal take through the film which gave 377 Ab-Normal its final and much-needed touch, making it no less than a film that aims to create awareness. 

Taking the most controversial topic of Indian Politics, Kashmir has inspired many storytellers. And in a similar way, Sonam Nair crafted an intense and emotionally driven drama based on a true story. Nair’s vision of the story is what kept the viewers glued to the screens. She made sure that the series is engaging and relevant at the same time.

These were some of the most important reasons why you should not miss out on watching 377 Ab-Normal and Kaafir.

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