This Viral Video Of A Puppy Swinging & A Giraffe-Rhino Fight Is Winning The Internet

These videos are both cute and funny at the same time and one can’t help but have a good laugh while watching them.

Mamta Raut

October 23, 2020

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The internet is filled with umpteen funny videos that are sure to make you give you a good laugh. Speaking of which, a new viral of animals has been doing the rounds on the internet which has increased everyone’s love for furry companions.

In the viral video, viewers can see a dog having a gala time in a children’s park. We all know that toddlers love to be seated on swings. But in this new clip, a dog sits, quietly relaxed on a green swing. The adorable pooch seems absolutely thrilled about it and this video is making netizens go gaga. This is followed by a funny video which is sure to make everyone burst into laughter.

Post the dog with the swing, the video moves to a sanctuary where a giraffe can be seen grazing. However, suddenly he is disturbed by a rhino. The funniest part is when the giraffe, without even turning, kicks the rhino to shoo him away. Guess what? His trick works. In the end, the scared rhino can be seen running in the opposite direction. The notorious giraffe then continues to graze.

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This just doesn’t end here; we also bring to you the footage of a Marten who hails from Nilgiri. It appears that the cute little creature has forgotten his way back home and is seen loitering on the roads finding traces to get back home. The Marten adorably takes baby steps avoiding getting into any trouble from other animals as well as humans.

These videos are both cute and funny at the same time and one just cannot happen to not have a good laugh while watching them. Owing to the pandemic, many people provided shelter to pups and kitties to help foster them and with such videos doing the rounds, it always helps to brighten one’s day and bring a wide smile on one’s face.

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