Twinkle Khanna Bags Crossword Award, Says ‘I Strongly Believe In The Power Of Being The Moron’

Actor and writer Twinkle Khanna has recently bagged a Crossword Award for her book ‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving’.

Mamta Raut

October 23, 2020

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Actor and writer Twinkle Khanna has recently bagged a Crossword Award for her book ‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving’. She attended the event donning a gorgeous floral dress which featured a matching belt wrapped just above her waist. In a video released by Biscoot TV, Twinkle can be seen accepting the award, claiming how ‘thankful’ she is to be honoured with the accolade.

“I am thankful to Crossword for this award. I may not deserve it but I didn’t deserve a name like Twinkle either (laughs). It’s not that the names I have come up with since then have been any better — like Mrs Funnybones and even Baba Twink Dev. Now I have to coin yet another monicker, if for nothing else then to say that I am following the path of Susan Swanton who said that ‘a writer has to be four people — a nut, a moron, a stylist, and a critic. Now nut comes easy to me. It’s the path that dreams up all these ideas and then puts this unfiltered nonsense and regurgitates it on to paper which masquerades as my first draft.”

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After detailing the process, the actor dwelled more into her inspiration for writing which she surprisingly termed as ‘the power of being a moron’. Although she had a completely different take on ‘stupidity’, the crowd seemed to have moved with her speech. They laughed at how Twinkle articulated her thoughts about people who are ‘nut’. Elaborating further, the actor said, “I strongly believe in the power of being the moron. I wrote about it last week. People who think about their stupidity are often the most intelligent because it is only truly dumb who are convinced of their smartness. The ones who are secretly wondering if they are idiots are the ones who know that there is so much to know that they clearly don’t know enough. If you have understood this sentence and if you are clearly a moron like me, you are a prime example of an oxymoron.”

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‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving’ is a fictional novel, the essays the life of Anshu, a middle-aged woman who is suffering from a sleeping disorder. The story takes the reader on the 28-days journey that she spends in Kerala. During her stay, her paths cross with her former lover and ex-husband. Apart from this, Twinkle is hailed for writing ‘MrsFunnybones’ which became a bestseller.

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