3 Songs From Aane Pataaki That Will Instantly Put You In A Good Mood

These tracks will not only lift your spirits but also put a spring in your step


June 13, 2020


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Composed by Dharma Vish, every song from Aane Pataaki is designed well enough to complement the mood of the movie. They’re fun, meaningful and bring out the true struggle of our character Besagarahalli Bhyregowda who is an aspiring actor. We guarantee that these three songs from the movie will be stuck in your head once you listen to them!

Aane Pataaki

The title track of the film is as peppy and entertaining as the film itself. The video is even more interesting wherein you will see a bunch of foreigners in half sarees and our very own Srujan Lokesh riding a bike while also performing some fun dance steps with them. Sung by Dharma Vish, we must say the singer has done a commendable job in setting the mood for the film.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Itta Itta Baa

Sung by the infamous Vijay Prakash and Sunitha, this tune is a sure item number. However, if you’re looking for a gym song to pump you up or a track that you can dance like crazy to, then Itta Itta Baa needs to be #1 on your list!

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

8ne Taragathi

8ne Taragathi is one song that is unique but bizarre for all the good reasons. Lyricist Arasu Anthaare has summed up the struggles faced by our aspiring actor and all the troubles that he has gone through while picking on the smaller things in life. However, the song is fun regardless of its deep meaning with Sangeetha Rajeev having sung it.

3 Songs From Aane Pataaki That Will Get You Into The Groove Which You Must Listen To! (1)
Source: ZEE5

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