3 Reasons Why You Must Re-Watch All Episodes Of Genes

Rewatch all the episodes if what you’re looking for is some fun and entertainment during the lockdown.


September 2, 2020


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In the last episode of Genes before the pandemic took place, we saw  Master Anand and Master Manjunath were welcomed as the guests for the evening and were seen having a fun time together while the next episode witnessed the perfect mothers of the show Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali-Parimala and Sharada Devi-respectively. Speaking of Genes, while we undoubtedly miss the show, one way of chasing away the lockdown blues, is to rewatch all the episodes if what you’re looking for are some fun and entertainment. 

Here’s what to look forward to!


The show is all about the games that actors come and play. It’s interactive, fun and entertaining for those who watch it as well as take part in it. The show, hosted by Sushma Rao, starts with three sets of parents on one side and five children on the other being introduced on stage. The actors are asked to guess which child belonged to which set of parents. Another interesting round played by the contestants is the ‘Celebrity Album’ round wherein there are five celebrities with five of their respective relatives and the guests for that evening are required to guess which celebrity belongs to which relative.

Gattimela Sisters Play The Game Of Genes This Weekend!
Gattimela sisters in an episode of Genes


The show brings in the most familiar faces that you might be looking at on a day to day basis from your favourite shows. While we have always seen them in character, watching them on a reality show is a different feeling altogether. They also share stories from the set and talk about their characters too!

The Emotional Quotient

While this show is all fun and games, the real highlight of the show is when family members of actors are brought into the show and they all have an emotional moment of expressing how important that particular person is in their lives.

Well, to get to know your favourite actors and watch some fun games, watch all episodes of Genes exclusively on ZEE5!

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