3 Films Like Mugulu Nage You Must Watch During Difficult Times

This week, here are 3 romantic films that you must watch to chase away the lockdown blues


August 30, 2020


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As we know, the lockdown is getting to all of us! While slowly but surely, we are getting out of a global pandemic, theatres are still experiencing a hard time opening up again to its citizens. However, here are some of the most amazing movies that you can catch in your homes if you’re looking to watch some gripping but beautiful love stories! Take a look.

Double Engine 

Need some comedy and love in your life? Well, this is the perfect rom-com for you then! Double Engine, starring Chikkanna, Ashok, Prabhu and Suman Ranganathan, is a story of three friends — Ashok, Sunila and Krishna — who come all the way to Bengaluru to make some quick money. Their journey isn’t as simple as it seems. On their way, they meet Suma, a widow, who joins the trio in their quest of quick money. Watch this movie to see what happens next. 

Mugulu Nage

Mugulu Nage is a romantic comedy that stars Ganesh, Apoorva Arora, Nikitha Narayan and Ashika Ranganath in the lead roles. Have you ever met someone who has never cried? Well, this is a story about Pulkesh who has never cried since the time of his birth. However, we all know that the feeling of love can be very powerful and a life-changing aspect in the lives of many. Just like that, Pulkesh’s life takes a turn when he falls in love with a girl only to find himself in the midst of heartbreak.

Gaana Bajaana

Gaana Bajaana

Radhika Radhe is looking for a rough-and-tough man as her partner. But circumstances force her to get engaged to Krish (Tarun), who is quite the opposite. In rowdy Kuttu (Dileep Raj), she finds all the characteristics she expects from her life partner. In this film, Pandit has performed exceedingly well to reflect her conflicted state of mind.

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