3 Fun Recipes From Oggarane Dabbi That You Must Try If You Are Looking To Experiment

Wondering what to make during the lockdown? Try some of these interesting recipes if you are in an experimental mood!


September 27, 2020

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Are you a foodie? Do you love cooking? Or do you love doing both? Well, it’s okay even if you are a foodie but don’t know how to cook as we have some interesting recipes from Oggarane Dabbi for you that you can try out during the lockdown. Take a look.

Papaya Halwa

Add one spoon of ghee on a pan and fry some dry fruits. Keep them aside. Now, add some chiroti powder and fry it. Next, add some water to the same and keep cooking it. After this, add papaya and sugar to the mix. Keep cooking it until the consistency becomes thick. Keep the pan closed so that the fruit soaks in all the ghee, too. Your halwa is ready!

Muddi Palya

Take a pan and add some oil to it. Then, take spinach, ginger, boiled potato, a little water and salt and keep mixing it until the water dries up a little bit. Add some tamarind juice to the same. Now take a bowl and add some wheat and water, mix them a little bit and add that to the curry. This helps in bringing in a certain thickness to the curry. Now keep it aside. Take another pan, add some oil, mustard seeds and turmeric powder and mix them all together. Add red and green chilies to the same. Now add this to the curry that is being made and your dish is ready!

3 Recipes From Oggarane Dabba That You Must Try During The Lockdown
Muddu Palya

Macaroni Pineapple Paisam

Add some water to a pan and let the macaroni cook. Meanwhile, put the pineapple in a blender and make a paste out of it. Now heat some ghee and add some dry fruits to the same. Once the macaroni has cooked, add some pineapple to the mix. Let it cook. After that, add some sugar to it and continue cooking. Now take a bowl and add some wheat and water, mix them a little bit and add the macaroni. This helps in bringing in some consistency. Throw in some coconut milk to the same and garnish it with dry fruits when done. Your dish is ready!

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