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3 Extravagant Costumes In Kurukshetra That You Need To Know About


December 23, 2019

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While director Naganna has an eye for detail, the outfits are an important aspect that enhance the visual storytelling of the film

Kurukshetra is a larger-than-life historical written by J.K Bharavi and directed by Naganna. Based on the epic poem Gadhayuddha by Ranna, it is told from Duryodhana’s perspective. It boasts of a stellar star cast comprising Darshan, who plays the protagonist Duryodhana, Sneha as Draupadi, Arjun Sarja as Karna, to name a few. 

Once you watch the film, it is evident that the makers have an eye for detailing, whether it’s direction, cinematography or even the top-notch performances by renowned actors like Ambarish, Darshan and Sneha. However, you also get enough of the extravagant costumes that the actor sport. Every costume assigned to each character makes it easily identifiable for viewers to recognise the roles played by them. One of the highlights is the cape worn by Darshan. Darshan, who plays the role of Duryodhana, does full justice to his role in Kurukshetra, his 50th film.  Having bulked up for this role, he wore a long cape that weighed around 22 kgs. In addition to that, he was required to wear heavy ornaments, which, in total, comprised 40 kg of the weight he had to carry.

Darshan wears a 22 kg cape
Darshan wears a 22 kg cape

When it comes to Sneha, who plays Draupadi, she is decked up in a grand saree, which is longer than 6 meters and has exceptionally detailed gold borders. Her jewellery has meticulously been planned out to match each saree that she wears in the film, be it red or purple. When she is being disrobed, her unending purple saree adds to the intensity of the scene.

Draupadi's endless saree
Draupadi’s endless saree

Another beautifully styled character is Kunti, the mother of Karna. Played by Bharati Vishnuvardhan, the simplicity of her red silk saree against the sunset truly brings out the strong emotional bond that she has with Karna and amplifies the love she has for him.

Kunti against the sunset
Kunti against the sunset

While speaking of ornaments, each stone present in Duryodhana’s crown, his rings, his bracelets and so on, has been arranged with utmost perfection. With its magnificent sets and opulent costumes, Kurukshetra is truly a visual extravaganza.

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