18 Unseen Pics From Mahadevi That’ll Give You A Glimpse Into The Upcoming Twist

Parinika Uchil

May 27, 2019

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The Return Of Soorya

Source: ZEE5

After the Dharmadhikari abducted Katyayani to get back at Varadharaj, lot of things have happened on the prominent TV show on Zee Kannada, Mahadevi. One of them being Soorya’s release. While his parents brought him out through unusual means, what will Soorya do to exact vengeance on Hiranmayi now?

You will enjoy these behind-the-scenes stills of one the future episodes of the show, in which you might get some perspective on what will happen soon.

Starting with Soorya, who seems to be in the mood for revenge in this pic. Also, he looks pretty darn relieved to be out of jail, it appears.

Varadharaj Puts The Dharmadhikari Back In His Place

Source: ZEE5

Presumably, the Dharmadhikari was caught as the culprit behind abducting Katyayani and hence this picture, but you never know. Stay tuned to the show to find out more.

Posing For A Still With All The Onscreen Emotions

Source: ZEE5

Seems like the Dharmadhikari is going to be arrested. Which could also mean that he is the mastermind behind the accusation put on Soorya too. Why do you think the Dharmadhikari is arrested? For the Katyayani incident or something else?

When Reel Life Characters Have Some Fun In Between Takes

Source: ZEE5

Varadharaj, Soorya and the Dharmadhikari look like they are sharing a funny moment in this still with their colleagues, the extra artists who are dressed in police costumes. Are you smiling yet?

An Interesting Call Keeps Katyayani Pre-Occupied

Source: ZEE5

Looking pretty smiling on camera is Katyayani, who seems to be engrossed in this phone call. Wonder who she is talking to, though. Samarth probably?

A Real Life Pose From Hiranmayi

Source: ZEE5

Actress Gagana, who plays the role of Hiranmayi after the leap, is honestly doing a great job. Her character is of a shy girl, who can take the Goddess’s form if she sees injustice in front of her. And Gagana’s acting talent is spot on! Watch the show to know what I mean.

After Her Parents Passed Varadharaj Has Taken Hiranmayi’s Father’s Place

Source: ZEE5

Although Hiranmayi is not his own daughter, Varadharaj has brought her up like his own. In fact, sometimes he even wonders why he and his wife couldn’t have conceived Hiranmayi instead of Katyayani. It seems like they both are looking damn seriously at something, or someone.

Hiranmayi Gets Tensed

Source: ZEE5

Hiranmayi looks like she is guilty of something. Or even that she has lost some battle! We sincerely hope she comes out of this gloomy mood and is her chirpy self again, on the show of course!

So This Is The Reason Behind Hiranmayi’s Gloomy Mood

Source: ZEE5

It appears as though Soorya’s return from jail has caused Hiranmayi to lose all hope. Because now Soorya is free and he won’t keep quiet about how she put him in jail.

Brother Bonding Time

Source: ZEE5

Samarth and Soorya look busy with their respective musical instruments. While the former looks perplexed at the latter’s behaviour, Soorya seems to enjoy cleaning his Nadaswara. Who knew these brothers would get some bonding time too?

Varadharaj In A Dilemma

Source: ZEE5

A brilliant fatherly figure to Hiranmayi, Varadharaj is a pious man who always believes in supporting what is right, even if it sometimes means to go against his loved ones (Katyayani, in this case).

The Lead-Duo Of Mahadevi Caught In Between Shots

Source: ZEE5

Smiling for their fans are Vivek and Gagana aka Soorya and Hiranmayi. While their hatred for each other only proves that they will be together soon onscreen, these two are good friends and colleagues while not being their reel selves. One word for this picture: Cute!

That Killer Stare

Source: ZEE5

Yep! Their onscreen chemistry shines as bright as the moon. Staring directly into each other’s eyes are Soorya and Hiranmayi. #romanticfeels

Katyayani And Her Mother Seem Tense

Source: ZEE5

A smiling Katyayani seems like she is taken aback by something. And so does her mother. Any guesses what it could be that startled this mother-daughter duo?

Ooh, That Style!

Source: ZEE5

After Lucky from Bramhagantu, Soorya is the second cutest actor if you ask me. No matter their real age, they look really young on camera and for their female-fan-followers, this is like the icing on the cake. A cool pose by this lad, for his fans!

There Goes A Quirky Pose

Source: ZEE5

Another pose by the cutie Soorya, just in case, you wanted more. Did see the resemblance in hair colour and the kurta? Look again.

The Police Are Here For The Dharmadhikari

Source: ZEE5

Soorya and Varadharaj, who are at the Dharmadhikari’s house, seem determined to catch him. His wife though looks sheepishly behind her shoulders.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Source: ZEE5

Of course, the Dharmadhikari knows that his doom is near. So he makes any last attempts to escape justice, by hiding in plain sight, inside his cupboard.

Will he get caught? What will Hiranmayi and Soorya do now? Stay tuned to this week’s episodes on Mahadevi to find out.

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