15 Years of Rannaghar: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 – Bangla’s Anushka Patra and Niharika Nath add a delicious musical touch!

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020- Bangla’s Anushka Patra and Niharika Nath opened up about their respective musical journeys and more in this special episode of Rannaghar.

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May 15, 2021


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Zee Bangla’s popular cookery show Rannaghar completed a milestone of 15 years in Bengali television and host Sudipa Chatterjee has been celebrating the occasion with celebrity guests from the Bengali entertainment industry. The artists include actors like Sandipta Sen, Ishaa Saha, Anindya Chatterjee, Writwik Mukherjee, Annwesha Hazra, Ipsita, Sampriti, singers Jojo, Arkadeep, Samadipta, Anushka, Niharika, Emon Chatterjee and Aneek. For this episode, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 – Bangla’s Anushka Patra and Niharika Nath’s musical presence was a treat for the viewers.

Watch the latest episode of Rannaghar here:

Anushka and Niharika’s musical journey 

Speaking about her introduction to music, Anushka revealed that her first music teacher was her grandmother, and she started learning singing when she was just three! She even remembered the first song she sang, which is the popular Rabindra Sangeet Aay Tobe Sohochori. Niharika was asked by Sudipa, whether she was enjoying her fame and popularity, and said she was overwhelmed with all the love she was getting. She also shared how it was a fulfilling feeling to see that her hard work was finally bearing fruit!

Anushka Patra and Niharika Nath in Rannaghar

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Anushka and Sudeepa bond adorably 

During the episode, Anushka revealed that she was born in 2006 and that along with Rannaghar, she was also ready to step into her sweet 16!  Sudipa was clearly melted by her innocence as she went on to call Anushka an extremely special woman! The latter candidly confessed how she was bad at remembering cooking instructions. Instead of giving her cooking tips, Sudipa went on to tell her that she could call her anytime she wanted to eat a special dish, and she would happily cook it for her!

Anushka Patra and Sudipa Chatterjee in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Niharika’s eagerness to learn new dishes

Niharika said that although she does not cook regularly in her daily life, she likes cooking for her family and friends. If she is in the mood to cook, she takes over the kitchen and makes delicious dishes for her family. She also said that she is quite excited to try the dishes she learned in Rannaghar at home and enjoy them with her family.

Sudipa Chatterjee and Niharika Nath in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

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A musical evening

The episode was filled with beautiful melodies sung by the ladies and we all were reminded of their beautiful performances from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020- Bangla. Anushka sang classics like Bangla Amar Sorshe Ilish, Ami Cheye Cheye Dekhi Sara Din, and also super hit tunes like Mayya Mayya. Niharika also sang songs like Monta Re, Babuji Dheere Chalna.

Anushka Patra and Niharika Nath in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Sudipa taught us some lip-smacking recipes again in this episode like she has been doing for 15 years now. We learned how to cook Sarbati Mutton and Basmatir Falahar in this episode. In the upcoming episodes, you will get to see many of your favourite artists try their hands at cooking. So stay tuned!

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