15 Years of Rannaghar: Keya Patar Nouko actress Ipsita Mukherjee struggling with cooking is a hilarious sight to watch!

Check out Ipsita Mukherjee and Phirki actress Sampriti Poddar trying their hands at cooking along with fun conversation in the latest special episode of Rannaghar.

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May 9, 2021


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Zee Bangla’s popular cookery show Rannaghar completes 15 years, and to celebrate the milestone, host Sudipa Chatterjee has been inviting popular celebrity guests to the show. The artistes include actors Sandipta Sen, Ishaa Saha, Anindya Chatterjee, Writwik Mukherjee, Annwesha Hazra, singers Jojo, Arkadeep, Samadipta, Ipsita, Anushka, Niharika, Sampriti, Emon Chatterjee, and Aneek. Actresses Ipsita Mukherjee from Zee Bangla’s Keya Patar Nouko and Sampriti Poddar from Phirki made an appearance and joined Sudipa for a fun episode.

Watch the latest episode of Rannaghar here:

Ipsita’s amateur cooking

The episode started on a very funny note when Sudipa asked Ipsita to help her with the cooking. Ipsita is clearly an amateur cook and her struggles with the recipe had us all rolling on the floor. When Sudipa asked her to combine the cottage cheese and the sugar, she thought it was supposed to change colour once it was cooked! “God help me”, exclaimed Sudipa as she laughingly assisted Ipsita. Ipsita went on to add that she is not very familiar with cooking but during the lockdown, she has learned how to cook basic dishes. However, she still can’t manage without a recipe video to guide her!

Ipsita in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Sampriti’s love for her joint family

During the conversation, Sampriti revealed that she lives in a joint family in Kolkata and loves every bit of it. She said that it is impossible to get bored even during a lockdown when someone lives in a joint family. Sampriti said that it is very hard to get alone time or some personal time as she lives with many members of her family but nevertheless she loves her joint family. Ipsita added that she too wishes to have a joint family but unfortunately her extended family does not live in a joint family setting.

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Sampriti in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Ipsita and Sampriti- the social media buffs!

Throughout the episode, Ipsita and Sampriti’s love for selfies and social media was quite evident. The episode started with Ipsita and Sampriti taking selfies with each other. This prompted Sudipa to recall how it’s been so long since someone has asked her for an autograph in the age of selfies. We also saw the two actresses clicking pictures of the dishes so that the memories could be preserved!

Sampriti and Ipsita in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

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Sudipa, Sampriti and Ipsita in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

For this episode, Supdita taught Ipsita and Sampriti how to make dishes that will satisfy the sweet tooth of any person. The recipes shared by Sudipa were of Golap Khash Sandesh and Paka Peper Payesh and both the recipes looked lip-smacking, to say the least! Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes of Rannaghar to watch more of your favourite artists trying their hands at cooking!

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