15 UNSEEN Pics From This Weekend’s Episodes Of Comedy Khiladigalu 3 That You Ought To See

Parinika Uchil

November 22, 2019

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The Four Medieval Heroes

Source: ZEE5

If you are a fan of the biggest comedy blockbuster reality show on Zee Kannada, Comedy Khiladigalu 3, then you must love the EXCLUSIVE pictures we keep bringing for your eyes only. This weekend, we have some fun pics awaiting you, before the episodes air.

Starting with this medieval-era skit, where Gajendra, Vishwanath, Rakesh and Santosh are dressed as Lords from the medieval era. Stay tuned to know what this act about. Keep scrolling for more…

Chandrashekhar Siddi – The Tribal King

Source: ZEE5

Standing on either side of the tribal King, Chandrashekhar Siddi, are Divya and Deepika, respectively as his hand-maidens. The four medieval kings have probably come for a meeting in the court of the tribal king. What do you suspect is the plot of this act?

Daanappa Dresses As An Item Girl

Source: ZEE5

Look at how all the men’s attention is on the lovely item girl, aka Daanappa. Most of the times even the judges prefer Daanappa as a girl, but his acting a woman is that good!

Then There Is Manohar’s Never-Seen-Before Avatar

Source: ZEE5

Dressed beautifully as an ‘Apsara’ is Manohar, who honestly looks quite gorgeous. Rakesh is awestruck with Manohar and Santosh seems to have fallen off the ground. Let’s wait and watch how this team scores this weekend, shall we?

Daanappa Poses As Another Chica For Act 2

Source: ZEE5

This Daanappa is flirting with Umesh, Vishwanath and Santosh, who always seems puzzled in the skits, doesn’t he? Wonder what this skit will be about though!

Santosh And Daanappa To Exchange Garlands?

Source: ZEE5

Pravin, who commonly dresses as a woman during the skits, has decided to be the peacemaker or the likes between Daanappa, the lovely woman and Santosh, who looks quite disturbed. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out.

Skit 3 Looks At Rakesh And Deepika As A Couple

Source: ZEE5

For act three, Rakesh is paired up with Deepika as a couple and things don’t seem as good as they are in the picture, obviously. To know why, keep scrolling…

Rakesh Has Another Love Life?

Source: ZEE5

The third act has a love triangle between Rakesh, Divya and Deepika, but how will this turn out in the end? Will the ladies catch their man cheating on this? We’ll know soon, don’t go anywhere.

Act 4 Will See Daanappa And Umesh As Housewives

Source: ZEE5

If you look at this picture for more than 5 seconds you will find two humour elements. One is that Rakesh is fighting with Manohar on something while the ladies aka Daanappa and Umesh, who are dressed as their wives.

You Can See How The Act 4 Ended

Source: ZEE5

Looking unhappy with their respective partners are Manohar and Rakesh with Daanappa and Umesh respectively. And the board obviously says it all!

For The Next Act, Daanappa Romances Chandrashekhar Siddi

Source: ZEE5

Like long lost lovers, Daanappa, who is dressed as a lady yet again, was given the role of Chandrashekhar Siddi’s love interest. A funny pic awaits you a scroll away…

Back To Square One For Chandrashekhar Siddi

Source: ZEE5

We don’t know for sure whether Siddhi is in this condition because of his lady love Daanappa or if this is a recap to his previous life. We’ll find out soon.

Rakesh And Umesh Share The Stage Once Again

Source: ZEE5

This time thought their chemistry looks more comic than sad, don’t you think? And this time too, Umesh plays Rakesh’s wife (presumably!) in the act.

Some Refreshing Change, Thanks To Deepika And Divya

Source: ZEE5

Unlike the men, who always dress like the ladies, Deepika and Divya, the only two contestants have dressed in male attires for a change. Honestly, they look so adorable in this attire, so I am sure their skit will be super cool too.

An EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes Pic During The Making Of The Show

Source: ZEE5

Smiling with pride in front of the camera are Vishwanath, Deepika and Divya, three of the best contestants on the show.

Would you like to see more such behind-the-scenes pics? Let us know your answers in the space given below.

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