14 Shaadi Shenanigans From Veere Di Wedding Every Bride-To-Be Will Relate To 

Bet you will smile a little wider as you move from one point to another, relating to Kareena Kapoor Khan as Kalindi Puri in this film

Aayushi Sharma

February 10, 2019


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Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania-starrer movie Veere Di Wedding scores a three-pointer in the very element of the word for its hatke approach to a typical taam-jhaam wedding. The Rhea Kapoor-Ekta Kapoor collaboration ushered in a new era of happiness. It redefined several terms for every female out there, packed with some of the most relatable moments pulled straight out of our daily lives.

A departure from the conventional sense of cinema and debunking one ‘sanskaar’ a scene at a time, VDW is a bonanza of romance, comedy and slice-of-life sequences. In fact, every time Kareena itched in the super glittery ‘fairy princess’ lehenga, a bride-to-be went ‘that’s me!’ secretly off the celluloid.

Breaking down moment by moment, here are 14 shaadi shenanigans every girl can relate to from the film…

1. When it finally strikes you!

2. The ‘fairy princess’ moment during costume trials aka disco ball aka fashion ki dukaan.

3. And just like that…you are a Mrs. EVEN BEFORE MARRIAGE!

4. When you call your baby (read fiancé) but your mother-in-law answers the phone…AWKWARD!

5. You become a Chachi, Mami and what not…overwhelming rishtas created overnight!

6. When the ‘bridezilla’ takes charge and you turn to your girl gang to help you sail through

7. Shaadi shopping with your to-be in-laws seems like…

8. You have been dreaming of an intimate wedding ceremony with only VVIPs in attendance

But your parents’ reaction is something on the lines of this…

9. Your BFFs and dearest cousins are busy breaking the codes on the night of your sangeet

10. Like WTF, is happening yaar?

11. And then you just know it’s all gone down the drain…

To make things worse

12. You begin to think all of this as a big mistake and contemplate your decision

13. Because of which you lose your calm at your chuddi buddies too

14. But it all falls in place on the night of the wedding! It always does.

Fun, check. Stylish outfits, check. EXTRA, check. Missed out on the royal union? You’re surely invited to (Kalindi’s) wedding of the year!

Think you can relate to any of these pointers (clad in your wedding trousseau)? Brides-to-be, feeling the jitters? Head to the comments box and let us know if you can relate to any of these points.

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