14 Pakistani Soldiers Killed In Balochistan Terror Attack

A convoy of oil and gas personnel was waylaid by many terrorists, that resulted in the death of 14 security personnel from Pakistan

Raghav N

October 16, 2020

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Seven Pakistani Frontier Corps personnel and another seven Pakistani soldiers lost their lives to a terrorist attack yesterday (15 October) in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). According to sources, officials from the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) were the targets of the militants.

The terrorists intercepted a convoy of the officers while the latter were on their way from the Gwadar region in Balochistan to Karachi. Once they were helped to safety and managed to exit the spot of violence, the entire area was cordoned off by the army and a search operation was conducted to look for more terrorists.

No outfit has claimed the responsibility for this massacre yet and investigations have been initiated.

PoK has been a disputed terrain for decades together with many extremist camps situated there. While the people of Balochistan have been demanding for their independence from the Pakistani government, India has also called out the poor treatment and unlawful interference of the Imran Khan government in the governance of the population there.

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