13 Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Pics From The Upcoming Episode Of Bramhagantu You Must See

Parinika Uchil

May 24, 2019

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Geetha Adores Her Husband

Source: ZEE5

After Sumathi on the TV show, Bramhagantu got accidentally pregnant, the story got even more interesting. With all the hate from Lucky’s end, to Geetha and Sumathi becoming closer, the show has taken a fabulous step in terms of intriguing the viewers even more now. Recently, Sumathi delivered a baby girl and she is hale and hearty. For the loyal fans of the show, we were lucky to get some unseen stills of one of the near future episodes and we promise you will cry happy tears. A disclaimer though, many photos are of the cast smiling for the camera making it even more valued as an exclusive. No more waiting please, let’s begin.

Starting with this adorable picture of Geetha staring at her husband Lucky in awe. Their relationship is unusual sure, but her love for her husband is absolutely real.

Geetha And Pinky Caught On Camera

Source: ZEE5

Look at these two showing off their pearlies for the camera. While onscreen Pinky might hate Geetha and even be jealous of her, in real life Geetha and Shobitha are like work buddies. You might find them in many pictures on social media if you are a fan.

Geetha’s Happiness Around The Baby Knows No Bounds

Source: ZEE5

Say hello to Sumathi Amma’s little girl, aka Lucky’s younger sister. This picture depicts beautifully how even though Sumathi has given birth, it’s Geetha who is like another mother to the kid.

Where Are Geetha, Lucky And Pinky Off To?

Source: ZEE5

It seems as though these three musketeers are headed off to the temple no? Lucky’s outfit gave me a hint! In either case, he looks damn cute in that traditional attire!

The Three Beautiful Ladies Of The Sampigedibbada Mane

Source: ZEE5

Posing for an exclusive still is Swathi Ma’am, Geetha Bhat and Shobitha Shivanna aka Sumathi Amma, Geetha and Pinky. Their lovely faces tell us how much they enjoy their work.

And The Temple It Is!

Source: ZEE5

Didn’t I tell you that Lucky wore traditional clothes to maybe go to the temple? Well, here it is! The four of them made a visit to the temple on the show but found time to get this delightful picture clicked in between shots.

What’s On Lucky’s Mind?

Source: ZEE5

Look at the worried faces of Geetha and Pinky, while Sumathi looks fondly at her son. Lucky, on the other hand, seems to be earnestly praying to God, probably asking for his own kids. You will have to stay tuned to the show, to know what he asked for.

A Mother Will Always Love Her Children

Source: ZEE5

No matter what we put them through as children, a mother’s love can never fade. Isn’t this picture of Sumathi and Lucky just heart-warming? #pictureperfect

For Geetha, Her Husband Is Her Life

Source: ZEE5

A worried Geetha looks at Lucky, who is praying. According to me, the complications in her body to conceive is what is keep her mind occupied. What do you think?

What Just Happened?

Source: ZEE5

Sumathi, Geetha and Pinky seem to be looking at the temple floor but startled. What do you think caused them to make such a reaction? Since Lucky is the only one not in the picture could it have something to do with him? Scroll down or slide right to see.

Lucky Performs Service To God

Source: ZEE5

Much to their surprise, Lucky, who probably must have made a wish to God for his mother, is performing the service he promised to God. Till the episode airs, you’ll never know.

Geetha’s Dilemma

Source: ZEE5

While as fans, we would love to see how Geetha and Lucky’s kids will turn out to be, apparently there are some complications in her system in order to be able to conceive. Seems like Geetha’s only option now is to pray to God.

Sumathi And Pinky In A Never Seen Before Picture

Source: ZEE5

In between takes, we got another chance to get an exclusive pose for the fans, and rightfully so. Like Geetha, Shobitha and Swathi Ma’am are off-screen buddies too. This lovely picture of the two ladies absolutely proves that.

Which other show do you want to see exclusive stills off? Send in your choices in the space provided below.

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