11th Grade Student From Kanpur Develops An Air Purifying Robot With Automatic Features

Pranjal from Kanpur creates robot which purifies the air after sensing the quality on its own. The robot has been attached with a gyroscopic sensor, allowing easy movement of the device.

Sania Kader

November 11, 2020

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An 11th-grade student from Kanpur, Pranjal, developed an air-purifying robot which controls the quality of air with utmost ease. This purifier soaks in the impurities that are naturally present in the environment and convert the air into a fresh and harmless state. In the current situation, where places like Delhi and Kanpur have been gravely affected by the air quantity, such an invention can bring in a lot of relief to the people. Pranjal also shed some light on how the moving machine works and how it can be controlled through a smartphone as well.

Have a look at a ZEE5 video revealing details about the air purifier invented by Pranjal here:

Pranjal from Kanpur has left a wide range of people surprised with his recent air-purifying robot which can help the current world to a great extent. This robot can be controlled through a mobile app which will make the robot arrive at a specific spot with minimum efforts. The air purifying robot also successfully senses the air quality and changes itself as per requirement.

Pranjal spoke about how the machine functions and how it can be controlled according to a person’s convenience. He said, “I have used a portion of Artificial Intelligence in creating this robot. I have also used Arduino programming in creating this air purifier. I have also used many sensors in this device which majorly help in scaling the air quality. A general air quality below 90 is harmless to the human body. Any number below 100 on the scale is considered to be average in terms of air quality.”

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He further added, “If the air quality is below 90, the fan attached with the robot automatically slows down. If the air quality is harmful to humans, the fan automatically picks up speed and matches the RPM speed of both the fans and will keep running until the air is healthy for consumption.” Pranjal said that the device can be controlled through two methods, “One is through your smartphone. For this purpose, I have created a mobile app where you do not have to touch the phone. It has a gyroscopic sensor which makes the robot move according to the movement of the phone itself. An d the second way of controlling the position of this robot is through mapping.”

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