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11 Years Of Pavitra Rishta: 11 Reasons To Rewatch This Drama In Memory Of SSR Aka Manav

Kenneth Carneiro

June 30, 2020

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Walk down memory lane for the star of Pavitra Rishta- Sushant Singh Rajput. His charm and other reasons to revisit the Zee TV Hindi show!

From the day it was introduced to the audience to the day you bid farewell to the serial, Pavitra Rishta had everyone hooked to its storyline with its interesting plot twists. One of the most memorable reasons was Sushant Singh Rajput as Manav, and his dedication towards his family and lady love Archana (Ankita Lokhnade). Here are more reasons why the serial is a must for a re-watch.

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Manav And Archana’s Chemistry

The story began with two people, Manav and Archana, and how their relationship developed. They stood strong by each other despite all the conspiracies, struggles and even their separation. Throughout the serial, we get a glimpse of their blooming love and how it strengthens gradually. 

Archana’s Sacrifices and Struggle For Her Family

As compared to Manav, Archana came from a well-to-do family. She was married Manav with a misconception about his background. The story took its turn when she decided to stand by and support her husband after knowing his reality. From sacrificing her lifestyle to struggling to not let any negativity affect her relationship with Manav, we saw Archana grow into a strong woman. 

Manav’s Journey Of Hard Work And Dedication

Despite the misunderstanding between Archana’s family and him since the beginning, Manav ensured to make it up to his wife. He worked hard to give his family a better life and proved to be an ideal husband, son, brother and father. 

Soham, Ovi And Tejaswini’s Fates

Soham was Archana and Manav’s son, who was separated from his parents. He lived a life away from his parents’ love which, in the meantime was received by Ovi and Tejaswini, Soham’s sisters. Despite being born of the same parents, their fate had different plans, and eventually how they grow to be completely different characters, is another interesting turn in the show. 

Purvi And Arjun’s Chemistry

As the show takes a leap, we are introduced to new characters. With the children all grown up, we meet Purvi- Archana’s adopted daughter, and Arjun. There are several subplots and parallel romances but Purvi and Arjun’s chemistry shines the brightest. Their journey too sees many crises, but they fight them all. 

The Time Leaps

When the story moves ahead smoothly, we come across several time leaps to avoid the serial getting monotonous. These time leaps highlight new characters, new plots and sub-plots, new conspiracies and more to keep us interested. 

Unconventional Storylines

Pavitra Rishta can be counted as an unconventional soap that subtly broke societal barriers through its stories. From normalising miscarriages and adoption to showcasing various struggles a relationship has to endure, the serial bravely portrays them all. 

The Supporting Cast

Be it Manav and Archana’s parents, their children or other characters who play minor roles in their lives, every supporting character has justified the storyline. This is integral to make a serial relatable for the audience.

Change Of Hearts

Throughout the time leaps, we witness a lot of changes in hearts. Be it Ovi sacrificing Arjun’s love, Soham accepting his parents or Savita Tai’s heart softening. There are numerous misunderstandings among the characters which give a new perspective to their relationships. The children seem to play a vital role in the reunions of their respective parents.

The Plot Twists

Misunderstandings leading to fall-outs, new romances, strong chemistry, friendship, success and failure, Pavitra Rishta has ample examples of diverse situations. Almost every character has been on an emotional roller coaster, either with their feelings, family or other loved ones. Eventually, these plot twists develop the story better for the audience. 

An Ultimate Family Package

Given its story, characters, emotional turns and plots, Pavitra Rishta can be started as a complete family package with something to keep every family member hooked. With a base of a romantic drama, the serial had a lot more to offer throughout its episodes. 

Celebrate the 11th anniversary of Pavitra Rishta with a re-watch with your family. To watch Manav and Archana’s story, tune in to ZEE5

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