11 Types Of Funky Earrings That You Can Wear Like Bramhagantu’s Lucky

Parinika Uchil

September 8, 2019

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1. It's LIT in a claw. Get it?

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If you like to make an impression with fashionable accessories, then these glow studs with claws are made for you. Wear these to a party, and you’ll be the centre of attraction, making heads turn. Bharath Bopanna from Bramhagantu loves stylish earrings too and oh my, does he look handsome or what? Our history traces back to a time when men too, wore earrings as part of their getup.

Remember the depiction of the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata in mythological shows you see today? Both in international and Indian heritages alike, men have been seen wearing these. It is, however, unclear why earrings lost their popularity among men. 

Watch Lucky wearing earrings in this episode too:

2. Star-shaped studs with an extra bit of swag!

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Enveloped in thin circles are these swaggy star-shaped studs. Good for outings or evening dinners, this set is perfect if you like to dress hip!

3. Geometrical shaped studs for the cooler you - Square

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An indicator of all things ‘four’ like directions, seasons and elements, a square represents volume and space. Such physical aspects are perfectly suited to men, who want to look stylish!

4. Geometrical shaped studs for the cooler you - Hexagon

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A hexagon is a structurally stable geometric shape with 6 sides. Since this shape emerges from nature itself (like a honeycomb), it is symbolic for various occurrences like communication, balance, union, love, sincerity, truth etc. Do you love hexagons? Then these studs will suit your personality.

5. Did someone call for a shield?

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While many of you prefer bold shapes and other plain janes, these studs are for those who love particular shapes. Like these shield-shaped studs for example. The design catalogue might be immeasurable, but these earrings are not too gaudy and will give you the extra oomph you seek.

6. If not shields, skulls maybe?

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A symbol of death and rebirth, as defined by the Egyptians and Aztecs, skulls are considered to show strength and improve confidence. Generally, men wear it for the swag! Are you one of them?

7. Conical both ways

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When I think of a cone, the only thing that comes to mind is an ice cream cone. Nevertheless, these studs look  attractive and will go well with a casual style of clothing. Cone lovers, this pair is for you!

8. Spiked rings for the rugged boy in you

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Apparel with spiked motifs were a huge rage in the 70s. While these were extensively used by punks and metal-heads, the fad soon spread like wildfire. If you like anything spikes, these earrings will suit your personality.

9. Yes, men like danglers too!

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Also belonging to the category of punk fashion, are these amazing dangler earrings. Remember Shah Rukh Khan as Max in the movie Josh? He wore these cool clip-on danglers that added to his thug-life persona. These danglers are for the punk in you!

10. Are those Octopus Tentacles?

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After danglers and rings, these long studs too gained popularity. While there are many such patterns, these tentacle-shaped studs are sure to give your buddies a second of fright. It is also a bonus if you are fond of the underwater world. The question is, are you gutsy enough to wear these to your next event?

11. Skulls Version 2.0

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If 3D skulls are not your thing, then you can wear these graphic skulls on your ears. Step out in style for a party and be the cynosure of all eyes!

Celebrities, in particular, gain a different persona altogether just by adding such an accessory to their ears. And don’t think that it goes unnoticed. Pretty ladies often find them attractive. Another important thing to remember is the type of metal that you are buying. If  you are allergic to some of them, be careful while selecting. As for now, you are just one step away from looking like a cooler version of yourself.  

Do you wear any accessory on your ear? Tell us why you love earrings in the comments section below.

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