11 Times The Bramhagantu Cast Proved That They Are The Best On-Screen Family

Parinika Uchil

April 2, 2019

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Happy Faces

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Zee Kannada’s TV serial Bramhagantu is about the life of a not-so-thin woman, Geetha, who gets married to a slim and fit Kabaddi player, Lucky. This image represents their fun times together, behind-the-scenes.

Pranathi’s Selfie With Her Brother And His New Bike. Reel Sister Goals!

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The whole family poses outside for a selfie around Bharath’s new bike. Pranathi looks most excited right? This is one supportive unit don’t you think?

Pranathi Cannot Get Enough Of Her On-Screen And Off-Screen Brother Lucky

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A young actress who is great at being Lucky’s sister, gets a selfie with him. Don’t they look adorable together? #Brothersistergoals

Geetha’s Favourite People

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Every family member has some typical character traits like the spoilt one or the strict one. It is all about loving and caring for each other. Meet Geetha’s two favourite men in the world, Datta and Lucky, in mythological costumes!

Lucky And Datta Are Not Just Reel Brothers, They Are Compadres!

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These two cuties don’t need words to express the bond they share. The anna-tamma relationship in them can be seen when they are photographed together. Yen heluthira? 

The Family Portrait

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This is my favourite picture because all the stars can be seen in one photo. And they sure look like one biggg happy family. A perfect touchwood moment, wouldn’t you say?

A Throwback To The ‘Zee Kutumba Awards 2017’ 

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The happy family of Bramhagantu posed for a still at the Zee Kutumba Awards 2017. Dressed to their finest, this was definitely a change from their costumes on the show, don’t you think?

A Selfie With Reel-Dad Narasimha

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The cast of Bramhagantu always makes sure to maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Take this reel father and son duo, for example, TS Nagabharana Sir looks so positive with Bharath respectfully taking a selfie.

Lucky Takes A Quick Picture While Geetha Poses

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While participating for DKD on the show Bramhagantu, Lucky got the chance to click the perfect selfie with Geetha dressed in a pretty black frock!

An Excited Revathi With Her Reel Son And Nephew.

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The veteran Vanitha Vasu poses with Harsha and Bharath with adorable smiles. Her two favourite boys enjoy spending a moment with her.

With His Beautiful On-Screen Mother, Sumathi

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Bharath humbly poses with his reel mother Swathi Mam and I am crying happy tears. Wouldn’t you agree that they make the best mother-son jodi ever?

Which family pic was your favourite? Which cast member of the Bramhagantu family do you love the most? We would love to hear from you in the comments space below.

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