10 Things Parents Can Do To Get Best Education For Their Kids

A good education is always an important requirement for your kids! As a parent here’s how you can contribute to their learning process.

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October 9, 2020


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It’s been quite some time since schools have been shut due to the global pandemic. While kids and teachers have embraced the virtual approach, the learning experience is not as fun as before. In such scenarios, what can parents do to make sure that their kids get the best education? If you are a parent, and you are trying to find an answer to this exact same question, then your search has ended!

ZEE5 after establishing itself as an ace entertainment brand in the digital world with all the amazing films, original shows and daily shows, has taken a lot of steps to help parents in this regard!

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ZEE5’s partnership with Eduauraa has served as a big advantage for parents! This digital learning platform provides an ideal and cost-effective learning environment for kids from class 6th to 10th. Along with Eduauraa, ZEE5 has made it their mission to help parents in this situation.

Here are 10 things which you can do to ensure that your kids get the most effective education in this academic session.

1. Say yes to interactive learning

Eduauraa (source:Instagram)
Eduauraa (source:Instagram)

As the classroom experience is no more available, kids are already bored stuck in a small square window of their new ‘video classes’. In such situations, an interactive experience is what they crave. So why leave them devoid of that? Eduauraa, a premium digital learning company has made it possible for kids from classes 6 – 10 to enjoy and learn at the same time. That, my friend, is the ideal learning experience for both you and your kids.

2. Talk with your child

Unlike before, where your kids had to do homework to avoid being punished the next day at their school, the current learning system gives them a lot of ways to save themselves. But let’s not allow them to learn how to make excuses. Make sure to be involved with their daily learning schedule so they do understand the need to complete things. Accountability is something that has always proven to help people grow. So teach them to be accountable to themselves.

3. Content is not just to be consumed

Source: Eduauraa

In this pandemic, we all have been consuming a lot of content. Platforms like ZEE5 have created a special zone for kids to enjoy during this time. With programs like Science With Brain Cafe, the platform has made sure to focus on teaching new things to all the children. But is that enough? That’s where Eduauraa comes in! With an easy-to-use UI, it captures the attention of all the kids and makes them learn more. Isn’t that good!

4.  Breaks are important

While studying and learning is very important, it is also important for kids to have proper breaks. No one can continuously operate for a time. This applies to kids as well. Therefore, understand and let them play or do something else other than just learning. It helps them to rejuvenate their thinking process, which later helps them study better.

5. Reading, yes! But are they learning too?

Kids are bound to spend a lot of time when forced to study. But have you ever thought about how much of the material they learn is actually grasped by them? That’s a very key metric which we can’t actually observe easily. But with Eduauraa’s Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient (EPQ), every student’s learning arc is gauged and their progress is reported within the app itself. This helps parents understand and help their kids in areas where they require any aid.

6. Test it out!

Regular tests are important! While your kids may not like it, but then we all know that tests are one of the most necessary parts of learning. But in a virtual learning experience provided by their school, your kids can’t experience a fair test in the new conditions which they might not be used to. Enter Eduauraa! With interactive tests that gauge a wide range of parameters, your kids can learn in a detailed way.

7. Teach innovatively

Ranveer Singh talking about Eduauraa and ZEE5
Ranveer Singh talking about Eduauraa and ZEE5

Sticking to the conventional methods might not be a good way to go ahead with the current situation. Kids need some variety. If your content doesn’t interest them, trust us, they won’t be willing to come back to it. So make sure you give them some entertaining and informative content. Experiments on YouTube or Eduauraa can be a big help for all the parents as it consists of many practical explanations.

8. Tips are necessary

Along with all the education that your kids get, it is important for them to learn about the simple shortcuts which may save their time. Use this time and educate them accordingly.

9. Make time for other important skills

Organisational and behavioural skills are a few of the aspects that the current education system doesn’t focus on! And now that you have the ability to teach your kids, try to help them understand these aspects too. These skills are required in the outside world. So why not prepare them from the correct age?

10. Be their example

Kids often learn by observing their parents. With all of you in close proximity with each other, now is the right time to use this for your advantage. Be efficient and responsible and lead as an example for your kids. This will in turn serve as a big advantage for them later on.

Eduauraa and ZEE5 Subscription
Eduauraa and ZEE5 Subscription

By collaborating with ZEE5, Eduauraa aims to transform the Indian education landscape for both parents and kids. With quality education and interactive content, every child across the world from class 6th to class 10th can enjoy a happy learning experience. With a yearly subscription to ZEE5, you can avail the benefits of Eduauraa for no additional costs! Along with all the amazing films and shows, you can also make sure your child receives quality education along with engaging activities with it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now! Enroll with Eduauraa right away.

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