10 Real-life Stories Of COVID-19 Survivors That You Should Read Right Now!

As India tackles the second wave of coronavirus and while the atmosphere continues to be grim, here are ten real-life stories of COVID-19 survivors that will help you feel hopeful.

India is currently going through a second wave of the coronavirus and the situation is worsening every day. With almost 3.5 lakh cases emerging on a daily basis, state governments have been announcing lockdowns, curfews and bans on many things to stop the virus and vaccinations are now becoming available in the country. In such stressful times, we must keep our hope alive as we isolate for our safety. Here are 10 survivor stories of Covid-19 patients in India that might help you feel a little more hopeful!

Meher Bhagat

A dietician from Delhi, Meher Bhagat shared a video in which she talked about her journey with covid-19. She was at home and isolating when she contracted the virus and she did not meet anyone when she got it. She got infected by a worker in her building. She isolated herself from day one when she began feeling a metallic, bitter taste in her mouth. Her other symptoms soon included loss of smell, hair and weight. She had weakness and body ache as well. She has now recovered and shares her experiences and advice with everyone on her social media!

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Anita from Chennai

Anita, a 60-year-old woman along with her 65 years old husband was travelling back to India from New Zealand and a person on their flight was sick. Hence they knew that they might be positive for the virus. Since their kids lived abroad they were extremely worried as the symptoms kicked in and the Chennai Municipal corporation got involved. The corporation disinfected their house and closed their neighbourhood. They made the couple home-quarantine and also kept checking on them three times a day. A psychologist from the corporation also called in often to check on their mental health which was very helpful. The recovery was slow for the couple, especially for Anita’s husband who had a glassy chest X-ray and also a loss of appetite and low BP, but they recovered and tested negative as well!

Manmohan Singh

A 73-year-old citizen of Jangpura, Delhi tested positive for the coronavirus with comorbid conditions in April 2020 and recovered because of the medical care and reportedly, his sheer will to live! He faced a lot of issues due to old age, his heart condition etc, but his will to survive and live along with the great treatment was why he survived and became proof that other senior citizens could do it too!

Nageena from Basni

In a village in Rajasthan, a woman named Nageena tested positive along with six other members of her family, including her newborn baby, Arman. Their situation was so dire that all her family members were admitted to the hospital and were on different hospital beds. The employees of the hospital had to visit Nageena’s house, and lock it up for her! But luckily, baby Arman had minor issues and recovered within a week! And the rest of the family took around two weeks to recover and were all discharged together and sent for a home quarantine!

In other news, cases in Mumbai seem to be going down!


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Gopi Krishna Agarwal

A 51-year-old diabetic patient from Kolkata contracted the virus. Diabetic patients, it was seen were having a difficult time battling the virus, but Gopi Krishna Agarwal beat the virus and proved that even diabetic patients can fight it if they want to! His sugar levels were low and not alarming which definitely helped him. Cases like his also proved that diabetic patients don’t need to be treated differently from normal covid patients.

Naseem Ul Arfin from Delhi

Naseem (57) and 11 members of his family tested positive in Delhi last year. His older brother who suffers from a kidney ailment needed to go to the hospital from where he got the virus and in turn, infected the rest of the family. All the members including a 2-moth old baby tested positive and after much difficulty, they found hospital wards but were divided into three rooms. Still, after initial really bad days of high fever, Naseem started recovering and called the rest of the members to motivate them. In the end, they all beat the virus and stayed in for home quarantine.

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Geeta from Bangalore

Geeta in Bangalore tested positive for the virus when she got infected from work. She only noticed that she could have the virus after her four-year-old daughter started showing symptoms like a high fever. Both mother-daughter went to quarantine and Dr Rajesh a general practitioner, and Geeta’s husband took take care of them and monitored them. Rajesh never contracted the disease but Geeta’s in-laws did. They made it through and Geeta and her daughter were also invited for a covid-survivors event later on!

Anita Vinod from Patna

Anita had gone to Nepal for a ten-day trip and tested positive 8 days after she arrived in Patna. Her husband was asked to home-quarantine while Anita had to stay at an isolation ward for 11 days. She was only let out once she tested negative for the virus twice. She was supported by her family and friends and especially her doctors who would often talk to her from her door and check on her. She is proof that with the right mindset, the virus can be beaten!

Australian Cricketer Pat Cummins donated a huge amount to the PM Cares Fund to help India fight the coronavirus better!


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Anupama Changle from Indore

53-year old Anumpama from Indore was sure she didn’t have the virus and she felt alright for very long until she did not. When she first felt the symptoms (fever and body ache) she thought it was because of the workout she had tried in the morning of the same day. She had not met anyone and only gone to buy groceries a couple of times but she has once removed her mask at night ad walked without it thinking that it was safe as no one was around. But she got infected and was advised by the municipality to isolate in a room. Soon she felt better but still tested positive for the virus so she stayed in isolation till she tested negative! She did yoga and ate the healthy food her husband made during her isolation since she was not feeling the symptoms either!

Priyanka Chaliyawala

Priyanka knew she was positive even before her doctor did when she started to lose her sense of smell during Diwali last year. She was doing her usual chores when she started feeling feverish and isolated herself when her thermometer reading came out as 99.3. After two days she started feeling better but was scared to be very close to her husband and kids and got tested when she felt a slight irritation in her throat. She practised caution and distance and her quick thinking and isolation kept her family safe and she too could beat the virus soon!

We hope these stories gave you some amount of comfort in knowing that beating coronavirus is possible!

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