10 Real Estate Agents You Need To Follow in 2021

Yosra’s advice for 2021 is to “Invest in real estate as soon as you can. Waiting until you have enough for a down payment is never going to be enough, the more you save the more the market increases in price. Get in the market today!”

February 22, 2021


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Barry Cohen

10 Real Estate Agents You Need To Follow in 2021


 World-renowned real estate broker Barry Cohen is an industry giant; with over 30 years of experience, his keen eye for design and passion for architecture have fostered long term relationships and solidified him as a legend in Canadian real estate. He and his team have facilitated over $6 billion in residential sales in the past 15 years alone — he has amassed critical acclaim around the world for his sales achievements, and his meritorious reputation precedes every interaction he encounters. When he’s not spearheading the leading real estate team in Toronto, he is working with the charities and local causes close to his heart. Remaining future-focused, enjoying things as they come, and the refusal to compromise quality and market expertise are important aspects of a successful real estate career to Barry — and it has been proven successful for him so far.

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Nero Naveendran


Nero Naveendran is a pre-construction and resale-focused real estate agent in the Greater Toronto Area. Before that, he was a financial advisor with a background in financial economics. He uses his knowledge to educate his followers on social media, through unique and consistent content.With his Real Talks videos, Nero fills the gap on financial education and simplifies investing, credit scores, mortgages, property taxes, etc. His goal is to coin his real estate career with his affinity for climate justice by planting 100 trees for every real estate transaction, with the hope that other realtors will follow suit. Already co-founding Yannai, a business focused on educating and inspiring our global citizens to live more sustainably, sets him on the path for achieving this goal. His advice is to “Be patient and don’t let FOMO make you rush into buying real estate before you are ready!”

Jana Rae Daly


Jana Rae Daly is a realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Center, primarily serving Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding areas. After moving to Grimsby, Ontario in 2017, Jana expanded her reach to the Niagara region. With an extensive background in the hospitality and service industry, you will be hard pressed to find a more personable, hardworking, and professional Realtor.  Jana’s commitment to integrity and honest communication is the reason why her clients keep coming back. To Jana, buying or selling a house shouldn’t feel like a transaction. In her opinion, a long-term working relationship based on trust is integral to the real estate experience and she keeps everyone’s best interests in mind at all times. Jana is focusing on growing her online presence by sharing buying and selling tips and relevant market information in a fun and engaging way on social media. Jana’s advice to first-time homebuyers and sellers is “Remember to ask questions, look at testimonials from past clients and gather as much background information as you can before you choose who to work with!

Michael Jebo


Michael Jebo, is a young and ambitious real estate advisor, investor and entrepreneur. He comes from a family of hard working, principled business owners. Despite his family having to flee their war-torn country and start from the ground up, Mike learned to do exactly that with his career. Today, Michael has established himself as one of the top 1% real estate agents in Canada. With more than 9 years of experience in real estate, he has served his clients with priceless advice, helping them understand the power of leverage. Mike Jebo believes real estate is the best vehicle to build capital and gain wealth if you invest for the long term.

Mike advises you to “Think outside the box. Being able to pivot in business during hard times is vital to achieving and maintaining success. Never give up!”

Diana Sofia Abreu


Diana Abreu has an extensive background in construction development & real estate administration, and her objective is to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients that aligns with their real estate priorities and goals. Diana embodies a client-centric and agile approach to real estate and strives to be a resource for all news and knowledge in real estate. Always staying on top of recent listings, market trends and statistics behind-the-scenes, Diana aims to provide opportunities for her clients and loves their joy when she helps them get what they desire. Diana’s advice to clients is “If you haven’t found the perfect house that feels like home yet, don’t settle; as with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when it’s it.”

Matt Plantamura


Matt Plantamura is passionate about helping clients find their home beyond the conventional black-and-white process, and showing them why buying and selling a home shouldn’t be stressful. Coming from a construction background, Matt can see a home for more than just the exterior and its features — he can help his clients discern whether a home is a worthy investment, and give them results and peace-of-mind with their decision. Growing up in Richmond Hill in the Greater Toronto area, Matt knows more about the homes exclusive to his area and prides himself on being an atypical agent that thinks outside of the box. He advises home-seekers to “get your mortgage pre-approval before seeing any properties.” But also to keep in mind “Demand for properties is high and the supply is low; price isn’t the only factor when reviewing offers, so ensure you can afford the property before considering it.”

Amanda Sisco


Amanda Sisco is a top-producing realtor in Toronto and GTA and a successful landlord to many commercial and residential tenants. Amanda had a successful career with a reputable marketing firm after graduating from school, but she wanted more freedom to pursue her dream of real estate. Seven years ago, after deciding to follow her passion for construction and design, she obtained her real estate license. Within her first year as a Realtor,she purchased her first condo in Toronto, which was a stepping-stone to her multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio. Her expertise in selling has helped her grow her all-women real estate team Femme Realty, specializing in helping clients invest wisely when buying and selling commercial and residential properties. If Amanda Sisco could give one piece of advice, she’d say “Don’t wait to buy real estate — buy real estate and wait!​​”

Matt Campoli


Toronto realtor Matt Campoli took his love for building relationships and transitioned from a nine-year barbering career to a successful career in real estate. His drive to reach for the stars fuels him trying his best to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. A passionate and hardworking young professional in the world of real estate is an asset, but his affinity for creating long-lasting relationships and sharing his journey makes him one to watch in 2021. His insight for 2021 comes with hope; “In 2020 we witnessed the market remain strong and one of the safest investment options out there.  You can trust that the Toronto real estate market will remain a safe investment for you in 2021. We live in a great city and an even better one to buy real estate in!”

Jerry Fragomeni


As a real estate salesperson, private lending specialist and mortgage specialist, Jerry Fragomeni is passionate about everything he does. He genuinely enjoys supporting individuals, couples or families in any real estate scenario and believes building trusting relationships with clients is key. His tagline ‘Helping You Move to the Next Level’ couldn’t be any more accurate; Jerry enjoys helping first-time homebuyers upsize or downsize — supporting whatever their next level is. Jerry’s advice for first-time homebuyers is “Before you decide to make a move, do your research to ensure that you like the neighbourhood and can see yourself living there.  Ensure the neighbourhood has the amenities that fit your lifestyle, and that you have the data to support your decision in order to be confident in building future wealth and happiness.”

Yosra Haydar


Yosra Haydar has a deep passion for real estate, with a post-grad in advertising & marketing and years of sales experience to back up her expertise. It has proven to be the perfect career choice for the young realtor — where she can combine her experience with her passion — and be a part of her clients’ journey. She wants nothing more than to help people find their dream home while making the experience one they won’t forget. Yosra’s advice for 2021 is to “Invest in real estate as soon as you can. Waiting until you have enough for a down payment is never going to be enough, the more you save the more the market increases in price. Get in the market today!”

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