10 ‘Pyaar Wali Eid’ Moments On Ishq Subhan Allah, Jodha Akbar And Qubool Hai

Ankita Tiwari

May 21, 2020


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ZEE5 Celebrates The Pyaar Wali Eid

As the holy month of Ramzan comes to an end, all Muslims around the world start preparations for Eid. Like every other festival, Eid brings with it happiness, love, warmth, and togetherness of families, besides new clothes, gifts and good food of course! 

In keeping with the joy of celebrating this beautiful festival, Zee TV brings you shows like Qubool Hai, Ishq Subhan Allah, and Jodha Akbar, which have been a part of some magnificent Eid celebrations. It is often said that even enemies bury their hatchet, and embrace each other on the occasion of Eid. Let’s have a look at the Pyaar Wali Eid Special Moments from Zee TV shows.

1. Shaad, Aahil Embrace and Wish Each Other

In this video, Shaad and Aahil from Qubool Hai can be seen embracing each other as they wish each other ‘Chaand Mubarak’, spotting the moon on the night of Eid. On the show, Sanam (Zoya and Asad’s daughter) is married to Aahil. But due to the unfortunate turn of events, Sanam is transported to Pakistan, and her twin sister Seher is believed to be her! Sanam loses her memory, and she can be seen thinking about her beau Shaad, while Aahil tries to remember Sanam.

2. Jannat remembers Aahil

Sanam moves to Pakistan, and she loses her memory. But Shaad, an Army General, decides to help her and lets her stay with them. Shaad renames Sanam as ‘Jannat’. When Aahil comes to wish them on Eid, Jannat and Aahil hug each other as they both reminisce the old times.

3. Akbar Wishes Jodha In A Romantic Manner

Jodha awaits for the Eid celebrations to begin at their palace when Akbar walks in and wishes her ‘Chaand Mubarak’. When Jodha tells him that the moon has not risen yet, he tells her that she is his moon and that when she is in his arms, every moment feels as auspicious and celebratory as Eid!

4. Eid celebrations at Sanam and Aahil's house

At Sanam and Aahil’s house, the Eid celebrations begin as they welcome other Zee characters, including Bulbul and Sarla. Sanam is teased about her new marital status, and she quickly excuses herself to fetch Aahil. Aahil and Sanam are stunned to see each other!

5. Zara's first Eid after marriage

Zara is newly married to Kabir, and her mother Salma calls to wish her Eid Mubarak. Zara lies to her about the brewing tension between her and Kabir. She tells her mother that Eid has brought the couple closer.

6. Kabir's love for Zara

Kabir declares his love for Zara, amidst the gathering at their house. Rukhsar fumes when she hears Kabir’s open declaration of love. She reluctantly claps. Kabir and Zara smile at each other as they both love each other equally.

7. Zara is shocked to see Rukhsar arrive

Zara tries to ask Kabir to forget the arguments and celebrate Eid with a happy note. But Rukhsar’s arrival without her husband Hamdaan shocks Zara. Rukhsar is welcomed by everyone warmly but Zara is speechless.

8. Kabir's request to Zara

Kabir and Zara share a warm moment, as Kabir’s begum wishes him a happy Eid, and Kabir admires her beauty. Zara’s childlike innocence wins Kabir’s heart and he asks her to give up on her stubbornness. Zara tells him that for the next three days she would behave exactly as he wants her to.

9. Kabir and Zara's distance grows

In this video, Kabir and Zara’s first Eid is celebrated. Kabir can be seen distancing himself from Zara as his wife lovingly tries to make it up to him by taking his cap and stopping him from going out of the room, for daily prayers.

10. Jannat's Eidi

Jannat asks for her Eidi from Shaad, and he tells her that she would have to wait until the celebration in the evening. Jannat shows him the bangles he has gifted her. But Shaad is unable to recollect when he bought the bangles for her!

Aren’t these throwback moments from the Zee TV shows a nostalgia trip? Comment below what you think about this! Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

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