10 Pictures That Prove Marc Buckner Can Do Anything Shirtless And Do A Damn Good Job At It

Parinika Uchil

August 3, 2019

Web Series

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You Don’t Need A Shirt To Take a Dip In Chilling Waters

Source: Instagram

Raised in the beautiful port city of Cape Town in South Africa, meet the ruggedly-handsome Marc Buckner, who plays the important role of Daniel Weber, in the ZEE5 Original Series, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone. Take inspiration from him in shirtless matters because hey! he sports it goddam well. Anyone already drooling?

A Modern Day Tarzan Out In The Hills To Connect With Nature

Source: Instagram

The photograph is absolute proof that going trekking without a shirt, makes a man look like fine wine. Those superbly carved abs cannot be missed!

Marc’s Attempt To Show Off Some Muscles Worked In His Favour, Don’t You Think?

Source: Instagram

At home and don’t feel like dressing? Cool, do like Marc does and boasting those roasted curves on your social media handles! The model/actor has more than just abs, and I am not sure if there are words for it! (drools!)

Shirtless Reading Should Be A Thing, In My Opinion

Source: Instagram

Who says you can’t do activities without clothes? Take reading books, for instance, it is this picture of Marc’s that makes me damn sure that Men+Shirtless+Carved= Oomphalicious!

Trimming Is An Activity That Should Be Done Shirtless. Here’s Why

Source: Instagram

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about those little bits of facial hair getting all over your clothes, and secondly, it is so that your partner can ogle all they want at you, guilt-free!

Nap Times Are Best When Done The All Natural Way

Source: Instagram

While individual perspective may differ, many men prefer to sleep with a shirt. Again, the reasons may be many but I am sure you are glad that Marc doesn’t have that bad habit. Agree?

A Beanie, Pyjamas And Some Thoughts Are All You Need To Grab That Cup-A-Coffee

Source: Instagram

Since I love tattoos, watching this man’s body art, be it on Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone, or off the show, fills me with delight. What about you?

Do You Like Music? Then You Have Something In Common With Marc

Source: Instagram

Even though it is an inanimate object, I am jealous of those headsets right now! And the selfie (gulps!) is just like he is looking right at you!

Setting sports goals, shirtless!

Source: Instagram

Marc Buckner as you can see loves anything to do with fitness, even boxing! So go shirtless this summer and get your fitness goals on!

Time With The Puppers Is Always About Love And Care

Source: Instagram

As if all of his rugged-drool-worthy looks weren’t enough, here’s another picture to make you fall irrevocably in love with this gorgeous man! He is crazy for his pupper and can be seen showing her off in many pictures on his social media handles. Aren’t you a jealous girl right now?

Which picture of this dashing lad did you drool for? Leave your choices in the comments space below.

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