10 Photos Of Gurubrahma Star R. Madhavan For You To Crush On. Because, Just…

These pictures of this supercute actor prove that age is just a number

Promita Mukherjee

October 13, 2019


4 min


Who doesn’t have a crush on R. Madhavan? From younger millennials to their older versions, everyone goes puppy-eyed when they come across this supercute superstar. And would you blame them? The man, who has had us hooked since his early Doordarshan days, seems to be getting even more drool-worthy as he ages. There’s fine wine, and then there’s Gurubrahma star R. Madhavan, both getting finer as they mature.

Yes, he has done some memorable Telugu films, but he also has in his kitty a lot of great Hindi and Tamil movies. But let’s keep all that aside. For we have curated, just for you, a selection of photos of your and my favourite star, just so that we can say goodbye to our midweek blues. So scroll down, gawk, drool some more, and just have a fantastic Wednesday.

What’s better than Maddy with a stubble? A clean-shaven Maddy. On Mother’s Day, he decided to get rid of the fuzz after two years, because his mom had been asking him to. How cute is this momma’s boy?

The smile of a man who loses 2kgs. That’s pretty relatable, isn’t it? Also, that gorgeous smile!

Lennon shades, closely cropped hair, salt-and-pepper beard. Is your heart doing cartwheels?

THIS throwback. The adorable Maddy in his younger days. Need we say any more? No, we’ll just shut up and stare into those eyes. And the munchkin that is his boy.

There is just so much love in this photo that we don’t know where to fit ours in. Dear Maddy, we want to cuddle that poochie. NOW!

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Prep for the next role begins.. HARD WORK AHEAD.

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The gelled hair. A gaze that can make hearts melt. The lips curling into a smile. Prepping for a new role can be hard work, sure. But looking devastatingly gorgeous is so not a matter of hard work for Maddy.

Eyes that can make the ice melt, even at minus 21 degrees where the actor was at that moment.

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Enroute Montreal… Halloween time …

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The jawline. That neck. There is something so perfectly imperfect and crush-worthy about this photo that we don’t even know where we should focus.

That boy-next-door look. The one you will lose your heart to instantly. We have, for a long time now.

There is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. And who better than R. Madhavan to only prove it right? Tousled hair, the top-button open and in a formal jacket, we are finding it so hard to keep our emotions in check right now!

One can never stop crushing on Madhavan. But if you are looking for more options to crush on, check out another hunk, Vijay Deverakonda, and his movie Geetha Govindam, on ZEE5.

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