10 Local Artists Who Need To Be Appreciated And Listened To This World Music Day!


June 19, 2020


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10 Local Artist who will get you grooving on World Music Day

Here is a handpicked list of ten artist from the ZEE5 music library that will satisfy your music preferences and give you a wide range, rather that be rap or soft rock. These artist are extremely gifted and with their music you will surely feel moved. Time to upgrade your playlist.

1. Sahil Sargam

This talented young singer gave a hit with the song Darmiyan, its soulful lyrics and beautiful voice along with the glorious melody deserves appreciation, this music album also has a beautiful music video starring Harmeet Gill and Dipika Khuranna that would not only give you a good hearing experience but also a soulful music video.

2. Shamit Tyagi

This powerhouse artist broke records when he dropped this single, Tod Tod which was based on New India. The music video focuses on the current challenging times it is very important that each one of us truly reflect how we have been living and create a breakthrough within so we can proudly declare that we lived a happy Life. This will resonate with you and get you grooving.

3. Rasta Mastaan

This talented underground rapper gets us a fresh track from the streets of Mumbai and explores the harsh realities, with groovy music and deep lyrics, this will make you think twice about the situation but you wouldn’t help but tap your feet.

4. MC Notez

This local and brilliant rap by MC Notez, feat Bluesonava is perfection. In this Gujarati rap the artist express their feelings on “Kalyug” and they rap about corruption and everything going on, if you are feeling demotivated, put your ear plugs on and hear this amazing rap by these young talented chaps.

5. MC Altaaf

This talented rapper was also seen in the 2019 award winning Gully boy, in this track Hard Kaam along with 7Bantai’z we can hear an upbeat rap revolution, let the speakers boom with this amazing song.

6. Hriday Gattani

A soulful melody by Hriday Gattani, Tu Zinda is a song when you’re in the middle of chaos and need that one shoulder to rest your head on. Contemplate everything about life and come out stronger and with a new hope to live and fly.

7. MC Azaad

Get ready to let those hip hop beats surround you and groove with the rhythm of it through this latest local rendition with a traditional twist and a strong message for all dance lovers.

8. Ashish Singh Rawat

Taking a look into your past can be terrifying and comforting at the same time. This beautiful song by Ashish Singh Rawat does exactly that. It makes you question yourself and your lost love, wondering if anything could have gone differently while you dealt with the pain.

9. Ishq Bector

A song that makes your head spin while a sense of calm falls over you, its the perfect rap to listen while partying or even when you are on your own. It questions our society and love, peacefully rebelling and agreeing with life.

10. Aditi and Monesh

A sweet heart touching song to listen while watching the rain, this song will make you think of all those beautiful memories you shared with your special someone, making you fall for them even more. Make your favorite ginger tea, share it with your love and play this song. It’ll surely turn into a lovely memorable moment. You can explore more artists on Zee5 Music, in the Local Vocal Collection.

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