10 Dialogues From Naxalbari That Reflect On The Sentiment Of COVID-Struck 2020

As the web series was shot during the ongoing pandemic, quite a few dialogues from Naxalbari reflect on the general sentiment of corona-struck 2020. Read

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December 30, 2020


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Naxalbari has won our hearts with its heart touching and riveting storyline. The action thriller narrates a hard-hitting tale of Maoists and their conflicts with the higher officials. The Zee5 web series has managed to garner a lot of appreciation from the audience and has proven itself as one of the best action thrillers of 2020. One of the main reasons why Naxalbari received immense appreciation is because it was shot during the ongoing pandemic and the output has been nothing but impeccable.

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As the web series was shot during the ongoing pandemic, quite a few dialogues from the series reflect on the general sentiment of corona-struck 2020. Here they are:

1. Ab parivartan ki prakriya shuru ho chuki hai

It means ‘the process of change has begun’ and rightly so. Coronavirus has affected every aspect of our lives and we have had to adapt to a lot of changes. From online classes and work-from-home to masks and sanitizers, it is safe to say that the process of change has begun.

2. Isse pehle ki vo kuch kare, hume hi kuch karna hoga

Remember the time when we were placed under lockdown and had very limited time to buy daily essentials? Well, this dialogue which means ‘let us do something before they do’  reflects on that sentiment when everyone was rushing to hoard whatever and as much as they could grab from the stores!

3. Great job guys. Lovely, well done!

Well, this dialogue must go to all the doctors, health care professionals, sanitation works, teachers, and other front-line workers who continue to fight the deadly virus selflessly every day so that the rest of us can lead a safe and healthy life. They deserve this dialogue and much more.

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4. Yeh humare jal, jungle or zameen ki ladai hai

It means ‘this war is for our water, forest, and land’. While this dialogue may not be directly applicable to COVID-struck 2020, it does reflect on its sentiment. Just like everything was at stake in the Naxalbari war, everything is at stake for us in this war against the virus.

5. desh ke vikas mein rukawat hai yeh 

‘This is an obstacle for the nation’s development’ – Clearly, one of the most relatable dialogues for 2020. With crashing GDP, pitfalls in the education and agricultural sector, health and safety at stake, it is safe to say that coronavirus is an obstacle in the nation’s development.

6. Aaj hum is desh ka business structure badalne ja rahe hai

This is a much-needed dialogue for 2020. It means ‘today, we’re going to change the business structure of this nation’. With GDP dropping and so many businesses failing due to the virus and the lockdown, a new business strategy is indeed needed for this nation.

7. Ant Hi Prarambh Hai

It means ‘End is the Beginning’ and maybe so. Maybe, with all the things that are coming to an end because of Coronavirus, we’ll be able to see things in a new light and take a fresh start. Our perspective is bound to change and we’ll do things differently hereon.

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8. I can’t do anything

On a rather quirky note, this dialogue is literally all of us during the time of lockdown. “I can’t do anything”, “I don’t have anything to do” or “I’m so bored” are a few things we all would have said many times during all those months of lockdown!

9. They are preparing for war

Just like the war in Naxalbari, aren’t we all preparing for a war against the coronavirus? The small steps we take every day by wearing masks and regularly sanitizing our hands are nothing but our ways of contributing to this war against the Coronavirus.

10. We’ll all lose our jobs

The pandemic has left many people uncertain of their jobs and careers. So many have lost their jobs and are struggling every day to get one that “We’ll all lose our jobs” is a common sentiment of apprehension among many working-class people in 2020.

Naxalbari stars Shakti Anand, Shreejita de, Aamir Ali, Rajeev Khandelwal, and many more. Naxalbari is streaming exclusively on Zee5, watch now.

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