10 Best Pavitra Rishta Moments That Make Us Miss Sushant Singh Rajput-Ankita Lokhande


June 25, 2020


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Top 10 Moments from Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta was one of the longest-running shows on Indian Television, it garnered a lot of love and gave us a few amazing actors like Sushant Singh Rajput, Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi to the industry. Sushant and Ankita Lokkhande’s pair gained a lot of appreciation and they were dotted as a fine pair of Indian Television. Even though this series is full of amazing moments and is a fan favorite, we have curated a special list for you, which was not only the best or defining moments of the show but also gained a lot of eyeballs in the TRP chart.

1. The moment when Archana finds the letter from Manav

This is the beautiful nostalgic letter that Archana finds where he elaborately explains how important this marriage is to him. He explains how he wishes to be a better person and be there for the family. He also promises to be back as a better man, he expresses that either he would return a better man than Archana deserves or not come back at all.

2. An honest moment between Arjun and Poorvi

This is a magical and heartfelt moment, where Arjun who is going to get married to Poorvi, introduces her to his mom, who is now dead. He takes an oath down the skyline, explaining how his mother now belongs to the stars and introduces her, as he would be wife. In this heartfelt moment, he also exclaims how beautiful she is and how lucky is he to have her

3. When Naren promises Ankita, he would only marry her.

Ankita is the granddaughter of Archana and Manav. She becomes the caretaker of Naren during his illness. Naren gifts her a Saree, which wins her over. In the middle of the chaos, Naren regains the memories of his old life but forgets all his memories with her. When she is getting married to another man, his memories come back. He remembers the saree and gives it back to her, asking her to wear it for her engagement. She’s distraught as she doesn’t want to wear his gift while getting married to a different man. He promises her that she will only be married to him no matter the consequences, and then there is an intimate moment together.

4. When Archana’s father realizes Manav is the right guy for her

Archana and Manav are about to get married. Archana’s parents think Manav is a mechanical engineer and the owner of the garage. Whereas, in reality, Manav is only a mechanic in the garage. He is worried and guilty about the fact that Archana’s parents might be heartbroken when they come to know the truth. But then he overhears Archana’s father mentioning all his good deeds, how he is a perfect son in law, and his unwavering support and care for their daughter during tough times. They believe that they couldn’t have asked for a better son-in-law than him. This creates a beautiful moment between them.

5. When Archana starts working and Manav supports her

When there was a crisis in the house the wife of the house steps up, while everyone is sceptical of this, it is Manav who supports her and helps her out. He also takes a stand for her in front of the family and behaves like a doting and supportive husband.

6. When Manav helps Varsha.

Manav is a supportive husband and not only helps Archana but also her family. When Varsha is thrown out of her husband’s house because of her abortion and even when Varsha’s family wasn’t supportive, she is stranded on the streets with absolutely nobody to help her, that time Manav comes to her rescue and gives her a roof over her head.

7. When Archana gets close to Manavs Mother

Things were never hunky-dory between Manav’s mother and Archana and she always tries to make her life difficult, but when Manav leaves and Archana wakes up with nightmares and Manav’s mother empathises with her and helps her. This is definitely the first time they bridge their relationship and it was indeed very heartwarming to watch that.

8. When Manav and Archana come close during Ganpati Pooja

On the day of Ganpati Visarjan, Archana lights up their whole house with lamps. Manav is awestruck when he sees the house and his wife, who’s also looking beautiful in a traditional Navari sari. They look into each other’s eyes with many unsaid words. Archana breaks the silence by asking Manav to call her Archana instead of Archana ji, which marked a huge step in the growth of their relationship. This quaint moment of pure intimacy was a major push for the two to form a loving relationship.

9. When Naren goes out of his way, to invite Anikta’s father for their wedding.

Ankita who is the granddaughter of Archana and Manav is quite surprised to see her father on the day of her wedding as she had lost all the hope of being able to meet him, Naren her fiance wanted to make things special for her and was determined to reconcile them both. He leaves no stone unturned, to find Soham, Archana and Manav’s son and he finally finds him after a lot of hard work, he invites him to the wedding and Ankita is thrilled, Soham also says that he is proud of her and he would never let her out of sight from now on, he also offers to do the Kanyadaan.

10. The Finale

In this episode, Ankita and Naren get married. Shortly, after that Archana gets a call that Manav is dead and Archana cannot fathom this news and she dies of heartbreak and what happens next is that we witness a tale of eternal love and longing. As she meets Manav in heaven as young lovers and they promise each other that they will love each other for eternity and be with each other forever as what they have is a “Pavitra Rishta

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