Bhanumotir Khel

Bhanumotir Khel | Sunday Saptah 21th To 27th Feb 7:oo PM | Promo

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26 Feb 2018

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Audio Languages:Bengali

Zee Bangla presents the Bhanumotir Khel, the tale of magic. Bhanumoti, the daughter of an insignificant magician learns the tricks of the trade at a very young age, and her mother is totally against it. But Bhanu cannot help her instincts in putting to use her talent by turning hatred into love and sadness into happiness for those in trouble. Meanwhile Meghraj, is also a practicing magician. Son of the super magician, Mahendra Sarkar, for him magic is a form of art that he performs to entertain people who visits his shows. And just as destiny has it, they meet. He is not only awed by the girls quality to convert her magical ability to use the same form of art without any gadgets or ambience but gets mesmerized by her cause of doing so for the good to society. Witness a magical tale of Love & Romance with a touch of magic.


Bhanumoti Sarkar

Sreyasri Roy

Meghraj Sarkar

Rubel Das


Tanisha Ganguly