When Rashami Desai Received A Marriage Proposal From a Dubai Sheikh; Watch Prank Video

Rashami Desai pranked by popular mimicry artist Rohit Gupta. Have a look at how the actor was taken on a roller coaster ride by her own team.

Sania Kader

November 9, 2020

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Television actor Rashami Desai was recently pranked by mimicry artist Rohit Gupta, and the video has been going viral across social media platforms. In the prank video released online, Rohit Gupta is seen pretending to be a rich sheikh from Dubai, who is keen on fixing Rashami Desai’s wedding with his son Sohail. The actor is slightly sceptical and paranoid at first but handles the situation tactfully as she figures out the details as soon as Rohit appears before her. The prank had been set up by Rashami’s manager and the entire team and had been pulled off successfully, resulting in a hilarious viral video.

Have a look at the video featuring Rohit Gupta and Rashami Desai here:

Rashami Desai is one of the most celebrated actors of the Hindi television industry. She shot to fame through the Indian drama series, Uttaran, and has been in the limelight ever since. In the most recent turn of events, the actor was pranked by the internet sensation Rohit Gupta, who is well-known for his practical jokes and mimicry segments. The prank was mostly pulled off through a phone call and both parties seem to have enjoyed every bit of it.

The video starts off with Rohit Gupta calling Rashami Desai over the phone by claiming to be a huge fan of hers from Dubai. A hidden camera shoots Rashami’s instant and candid reaction while she interacts with Rohit. The mimicry artist leaves her baffled as she is unable to decipher the eerie yet adorable demands made by the fan. Rohit Gupta also extends a marriage proposal to Rashami and tries his best to convince her for it. Rashami Desai, however, takes a strong stand and also manages to find humour in the situation, even though she is slightly paranoid.

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In one segment of the video, Rohit Gupta jokingly offers her an oil well in order to convince the actor for marriage. After pleading heavily, Rashami Desai agrees to meet his son and click a few pictures, leading to a face-to-face confrontation between the two artists. The actor instantly recognizes the mimicry star but decides to play along for a while. At the end of the video, Rashami Desai also compliments Rohit Gupta over his previous work and states that she regularly follows his impression and entertaining videos.

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