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Satish Rajwade Birthday Special: With Mumbai Pune Mumbai and Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, Check Out How The Filmmaker Has Redefined Romance

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January 9, 2021

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From being a theatre actor to an ace director in the Marathi film industry, Satish Rajwade has been an artist in every form throughout his career.

Indian Cinema is globally known for its larger than life films, glamorous songs, and most importantly for being the largest producer of romantic films. However, in the last two decades, romance in mainstream movies have been sloppy and full of cliche. Yet there are few filmmakers who have kept our faith alive in cinema with their unique style of storytelling. And Satish Rajwade is one of them whose contribution to cinema and especially to the genre of romance is beyond excellence.

From being a theatre actor to an ace director in the Marathi film industry, Rajwade has been an artist in every form throughout his career. However, he rose to fame introducing a new concept in romantic stories. And on the eve of his 48th birthday, here’s taking a look at how Satish Rajwade redefined the concept of romance in films.

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Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai (Geography Of The Characters)

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Realism and interesting characters are the major factors that make a romantic film successful and worth watching. However, there never have been films that captured nuances of characters based on the place they reside in. And this is something that sets Satish Rajwade’s Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai film series apart from its contemporaries. 

A Mumbai based girl meets a Pune boy following the “arranged marriage system”. The chemistry shared between these two who have just met but eventually end up spending a day together is beautifully directed and enacted. The personas of these two characters are beautifully written keeping in mind the nuances of Mumbai and Pune. 

Apart from the usual notions of romance, Rajwade stages the film with subtle human nature, the certain level of pride we carry but all of this is portrayed in a pleasant manner making the film an entertaining watch. The film was also adapted in Hindi as ‘Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai’ which proves that the idea of the film is very universal yet grounded.

Ti Saddhya Kay Karte (Coming-Of-Age-Late-In-Life)

A still from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte
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Capturing various emotions at different stages of life, Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is a story of unexpressed feelings, relationships with no closure, and the haunting part of it. The film is neatly crafted essaying memoirs of first love. Story of a boy whose awkwardness and confusion led him to part ways with a girl whom he truly loves.

The film covers three stages in the lives of the protagonist, starting from childhood, final years of college to the present i.e in his mid-life. The film talks about ‘second chances’ and unlike coming of age dramas, the story here conveys “Better late than Never”. The concept of bringing up the essence of first love and its memories is not very new but the way Rajwade chose to tell the story is a bit unique which makes the film a great pick if you are a fan of romantic movies.

We wish our favourite director a great year ahead and may he continue to entertain us with his interesting take on cinema.

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