Sathya: Despite Being Hospitalized, Sathya Continues Thinking for Others; Few Incidences That Depict Her Helpful Persona

Sathya has to be one of the most considerate and kindest characters, and these moments prove the same.

Sathya from the popular TV show Sathya is one of the most benevolent people you will ever come across. She has her own ups and downs in life but she never lets that affect her helpful nature. Be it for the man she loved, or the sister who never cared about her, she stands like a rock behind everyone, and here are a few incidents that prove the same.

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1) When she promises to be with Prabhu till he gets married

When she finds out that the guy she was in love with, only pretended to love her because she had an injury, she did not turn away and instead told him that she will be with him and help him with anything that he will need for his wedding. Even when she found out that Prabhu was going to marry her own sister, Divya.

2) When she fights the goons to protect Rasathi and Iniyan

When Rasathi and Iniyan were en route to a puja, she made sure that the duo never faced any issues while they perform a pooja. She made sure that no goons could attack Rasathi and fought them off single-handedly, putting her own safety at risk.

3) When she wants her mother-in-law to donate food on her behalf

Even when Sathya was bedridden in the hospital, she told her mother-in-law to not pray for her at the temple or donate money. Instead, she told her to do an ‘Annadanam’ on her behalf so that there are no hungry people in her locality. It takes a big heart like Sathya’s to think about others even when they are recovering from an injury.

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4) When Sathya threatens Kuberan for Prabhu

When she finds out that Prabhu was in trouble with one of the most dangerous men, Kuberan, she took it up to herself to protect Prabhu and the other family members. She put her safety at risk once again as she fought off the risk that Kuberan caused to her life and her family yet again.

5) When she married Prabhu for her family

Even after knowing that Prabhu never loved her, she married him because she wanted to save her family’s reputation. She did not contest that at all, even before marrying a man who does not like her. She married him knowing that he loves her sister Divya, and not her.

These instances clearly depict how Sathya has a heart of gold and goes out of her way to help those she adores dearly!

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