Randhir Kapoor Shares Health Update After Being Diagnosed With COVID-19

Randhir Kapoor shares his health update after he spends a few days in ICU at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital as he tested COVID-19 positive last week.

Aditi Sharma

May 5, 2021

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Veteran actor Randhir Kapoor was admitted to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital after he tested positive for COVID-19. Recently, he shared his health update. The actor said that he is hoping to be discharged soon as he is feeling well after spending a couple of days in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). In an interview, he said, “I am recovering well and should be home soon,” he said. I was never breathless. I just had a fever.”

Earlier, a hospital source informed about Randhir Kapoor’s health conditions. He said, “He is in the ICU for observation. He will be in the hospital for a few days.” Dr. Santosh Shetty, who has been treating the veteran actor, had said, “He was admitted to the hospital last night for COVID-19 treatment. He remains stable, there’s nothing to worry about.”

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In the recent past, Randhir Kapoor also talked about his health conditions and said, “I have been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit to do some further tests. The hospital is taking very good care of me and I thank Tina Ambani. Everything is under control. They are going all out for me. The doctors are around all the time.” He also informed that he was stunned when he got to know that he tested positive along with five of his staff members.

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He further said that he isn’t experiencing breathlessness or a decrease in oxygen levels but there’s fever. Randhir Kapoor mentioned, “I felt some shivering and decided that it is better to be safe, hence I underwent the test. But overall I am in no discomfort. I have no major problem. I am not breathless and did not need ICU or oxygen support either. I had a bit of fever but that is gone now”.

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