Lucknow Shooting Case: BJP MP’s Son Accuses Wife Of Trying To Kill Him

In a recently surfaced video, BJP MP’s son Ayush Kishore has accused his wife of attempting to kill him.

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March 10, 2021

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Lucknow shooting case has taken a shocking turn as Bhartiya Janata Party’s MP Kaushal Kishore’s son, Ayush has accused his wife of trying to kill him in a video. Ayush took to social media and claimed that all the accusations against him were wrong and that he will surrender to the police very soon.

Watch the video here:

In the video that has surfaced recently, Ayush has said that he was honey-trapped by his wife and was forced to marry her. She also blackmailed his father and asked him to give her the status of his daughter-in-law. He added that he does not think he has done anything wrong and if proven otherwise he will accept any punishment given to him. Ayush said that he has left the house on the day of the incident because he knew he might be murdered if he chose to stay at home. Ayush said that he was intoxicated with drugs which were mixed in his food and was under its influence for three days. When he left Lucknow, he got himself treated but his mental health has not recovered yet.

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Ayush Kishore was shot by unidentified assailants in Lucknow on March 3. He was taken to the trauma center where he was declared out of danger. Ayush disappeared from the hospital after his treatment. His brother-in- law told the police in his statement that it was Ayush himself who staged the shooting incident in order to frame someone else. Ayush’s wife accused him and his family of trying to frame her in fake case and also added that her live was in danger.

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