LAC Incident: What Transpired Between Finger 5 and Finger 6 At Pangong Lake

Chinese troops had recently tried to change the status quo along the LAC.

Sohil Nikam

September 1, 2020

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The attempts by Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) near Pangong Lake were thwarted by Indian forces. The flare-up along the Indo-China border was a set of “provocative military movements to change the status quo” along the southern bank of the lake in Ladakh, according to the Indian Army. It’s being said that the Indian Army had prior intel about Chinese plans and acted swiftly to deal with the situation in a timely manner. China may have backed up from finger 4, but it still hasn’t backed up from finger 8. It is currently stationed between fingers 5 and 6 near the Pangong Lake.

The operation was handled by the Special Frontier Force (SSF) team that has its origins set way back in 1962 during the Sino-Indian War. This team was created as a force that could conduct covert operations behind Chinese lines in the event of another such war. The SSF was formed by then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru to deal with Chinese intrusions along the border. Although it comprises of soldiers from the Indian Army, it is not part of the Army itself. The SSF troops operate under the wing of the Indian intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW).

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