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Kumkum Bhagya 29 November 2022 Written Update: Will Ranbeer save Prachi?


December 1, 2022

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Rhea discusses their plan with Alia. Ranbeer arrives at the mansion but does not notice Prachi. Alia and Rhea arrive at the mansion to meet the goons. Ranbeer saves Prachi just in time.

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi comes up with a plan to save Mihika and dons a disguise to enter the rooms of the goons. She does so and sees Mihika tied up. A goon comes to attack Prachi, but she quickly deals with him and hides Mihika. The goons later realise Prachi has taken Mihika out and run behind her. Sahana tries to start the car but Alia and the goons hit them on the head and subdue them at the right time. Alia pays the goons and says that an accidental fire will kill everyone. Back home, Rhea feels elated as Ranbeer will finally leave Prachi. She calls him and instigates him further, stating that Prachi’s behaviour is wrong. Later, Alia and the goons bring everyone to the warehouse and plan to burn them alive. Alia goes to get the kerosene but Ranbeer arrives there and sees the car in which Sahana and Prachi were travelling. Prachi regains consciousness and hears the goons’ plans. Prachi manages to free herself and wakes Siddharth and Sahana up. Back home, Rhea empties Prachi’s room and decides to throw all her clothes and belongings out.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea calls Alia and asks her if the situation with Prachi is dealt with. Alia explains the situation to her and says that she is coming home quickly to pick her up. Meanwhile, Prachi tries to hide from the goons at the old mansion but he catches her. Ranbeer comes inside the mansion, looking for Prachi but does not see her. Prachi, Siddharth and Sahana are tied up by the goons. Later, Rhea and Alia conspire together and talk about justifying Prachi, Sahana and Siddharth’s death in the fire. Ranbeer walks back to his car but does not see Rhea and Alia. Later, the two of them step inside the mansion and wait for the goons to arrive. Ranbeer, driving away, hears muffled sounds and feels like someone is calling him for help. He decides to check it out once again. The goons are threatened by Prachi but as they turn, Siddharth and Prachi take charge and fight with them. Ranbeer comes in the nick of time and saves Prachi from getting attacked. Rhea tells Alia that she hears something but Alia brushes off her worries and says that the goons might be teaching Prachi and the rest a lesson and to not worry as everything will happen according to them.

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