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Kangana Ranaut Was Given A Script, Alleges Congress

Jessica David

September 15, 2020

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As actor Kangana Ranaut left Mumbai for her hometown in Manali, political parties like Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP continued to fight it out.

Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant questioned why Kangana Ranaut was still not revealing the Bollywood drug mafia nexus. “When she says she has the information on Bollywood drug mafia, she should have ideally gone to the Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) office and recorded her statement. Instead, she is going back to Manali,” rued Sawant. He says there are just two inferences that can be drawn from her departure. “One, she is not disclosing the nexus which is a crime or she just made up a story,” he said. The Shiv Sena was caustic in their remark saying some external forces were behind the scene.

Sena minister Anil Parab said, “That’s alright. She has only this work now (to make statements against Mumbai). People can clearly see her love for Mumbai through these statements. Mumbaikars will now decide whether she can live in Mumbai or not after she equated Mumbai with Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). She has got a dual personality. She’s an actor too. Whatever script she’s given, she will say those lines. Journalists should investigate who is giving her the script.”

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