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In Oru Policekarante Maranam, Urvashi and Soubin will play officers.

Shristi Jindal

November 23, 2021

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In her debut picture, Oru Policekarante Maranam, director Remya Aravind wanted an aesthetic that evoked a sense of everyday familiarity for the police officers.

In her debut picture, Oru Policekarante Maranam, director Remya Aravind desired a design that reflected an everyday, familiar feel for the police officers. As a result, she cast Soubin Shahir and Urvashi in the starring roles.
“I think the title pretty much reveals what the film would be about,” Remya says of the project, which will begin shooting in January. It’s a murder mystery, but not a dark and bloody one. As a result, I wanted the cops to be people with whom we feel a sense of familiarity. I assumed it would be simple to work with Soubin because I had previously worked with him. Urvashi chechi has primarily been in domestic dramas, so when I told her about the story, she was ecstatic to take part, claiming that it was fresh terrain for her. I wrote the story with her in mind, and she’s been incredibly supportive since we met a year ago.”
Remya, who was involved in music and dance as well as writing in school and college, decided that the greatest way to express herself would be through cinema, and she got her start by assisting director Shyamaprasad. Her granduncle Narayanankutty Vallath, who directed the 1968 Madhu-Sharada picture Karutha Pournami, is also a filmmaker.

Is a murder mystery a genre that women rarely read? “Absolutely not… Remya laughs and replies, “Agatha Christie.” “Dramas appeal to women because we are emotionally intelligent.” And since a mystery is full of emotions and drama, I’m not going to do anything unusual.”
Remya is looking forward to working with the “amazing crew” on board, which includes director of photography Shehnad Jelal, editor Kiran Das, and composer Justin Varghese. Muthumani, Tezni Khani, and Indian Pallasserry also appear in the film. It will be shot in the Kerala towns of Idukki and Vagamon.


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