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Happy Birthday, Mukta Barve: From Mumbai Pune Mumbai To Bandishala, Best Films Of The Powerhouse Performer To Watch On ZEE5

Tanvi Rumale

May 17, 2021

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Happy birthday Mukta Barve! Watch 9 of her films including Bandishala and Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 here!

Mukta Barve is undisputedly one of the most famous actresses in the Marathi entertainment industry. She won the best debut award right at the start of her career and it has only been onwards and upwards ever since. She has won Best Actress awards six times over the years and she still reigns over the industry with hit films at the age of 42! Born on 17th May, 1979 in Chinchwad, let us celebrate the actress’ birthday by looking at 9 of her films on ZEE5 that you can watch today!


In this 2019 film, Mukta Barve plays the role of a cop Madhavi Sawant who is as tough as nails with the sole purpose to wipe out corruption. Her honest and no-nonsense ways attract the attention of political big-wigs and they want her to stop at any cost! In Bandishala, you will see one of Mukta’s best performances as a female cop who fights bad guys even better than men! Also starring in the film are Pravin Tarde, Sharad Ponkshe and Umesh Japtap.

Watch it here. 

Double Seat

Starring Mukta Barve and Ankush Chaudhari in lead roles, they play a newly married middle-class couple who barely get to spend time with each other as they live in a chawl with many of their family members. Their lack of privacy makes them dream of a better life and a better house and Double Seat is all about that! Will they be able to leave their families behind and live independently?

Watch this heartwarming film here. 


This 2015 film is a multi starrer with Mukta Barve, Girish Kulkarni, Tisca Chopra, Huma Qureshi, Renuka Shahane among others. It revolves around a group of passengers who are travelling together and are in a hurry to reach their destination but unexpected things happen on their journey. This leads to a lot of introspection of their own lives and the way they have been living it. Mukta Barve actually plays the role of a sex worker in the film!

Watch this film here.


A Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barva starrer, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is one of the most famous Marathi movies that was a big hit. It was so loved that the makers made a sequel to this film as well! A romantic comedy through and through, this film revolves around a girl from Mumbai and a boy from Pune. The girl’s family asks her to meet the boy in Pune but she already has a boyfriend so she goes to say no. She meets with the boy and spends the day with him without knowing that he is the one she was supposed to meet. The film depicts how the two leads who consider their individual cities in high regard unite amidst their share of differing opinions.

Watch this film here.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2

A proper continuation of the previous film, this films shows this new couple as they are about to be married. Everyone around is extremely impatient for Gautam and Gauri’s big fat wedding but Gauri is having some second thoughts. Why is she having second thoughts and will her marriage take place if she is unsure? You must watch this wedding drama for love and laughter!

Watch the film here.


Mukta Barve plays the role of a young doctor in the film who tries to fight corruption and injustice in the medical industry. A patient Sangeeta is put under the care of Dr Khurana and later put under Dr Smita. Dr Smita then starts to notice how Dr Khurana does not pay attention to the patient and washes his hands off her. She also finds that he has been negligent towards the patient while working on her tries to make him feel accountable. Will she succeed?

Watch this 2010 film here.

Sawar Re

The story of two sisters Indu and Mukta, this film follows their lives after Mukta becomes the victim of a hit and run case and it leaves her paralysed for life. Indu struggles to care for her sister, vows to never marry and to find the culprit who did this to Mukta. Will Indu be successful in bringing her sister justice? This film was made in 2008 and starts Mukta Barve as Mukta and Devika Daftardar as Indu.

Watch this drama here. 

Blind Game

A comedy thriller that revolves around 5 blind characters and what happens with them starring Mukta Barve, Santosh Juvekar, Upendra Limaye and directed by Rajeev Patil. Mukta plays a detective in the film. Do watch to see what kind of a mess five blind people can get into that requires a detective! Also starring in the film are Anant Jog and Mangesh Desai!

Watch this film here.

Gola Berij

A semi-autobiographical film based on one of the biggest and most sensational Marathi writers and humorist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, Gola Berij stars Mukta Barve Mohan Agashe and Subodh Barve. Through this film, the writer tries to introspect his life. The film is said to feature many real and fictional characters that inspired the writer throughout his career!

Watch this film here. 

We wish the actress a very happy birthday!

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