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Geet Dholi 24 May 2023 Written Update: Samrat plans to harm Malhar

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June 2, 2023

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Samrat comes face-to-face with Malhar and poses as a CID officer in an effort to continue staying around Geet without alarming Malhar. Will Malhar learn the truth about Samrat before it is too late?

In the previous episode of Geet Dholi, Simone refuses to set Malhar’s clothes on fire but fails to convince the Mehras about the same. Meanwhile, Geet meets her youngest fan and the latter insists Geet play the dhol for her. After much hesitation, Geet plays the dhol for her fan. Away, Simone admits that she had come to Mehra House to find the deed for Geet’s music academy. Geet’s admirer notices Malhar giving Geet a bouquet of roses and picks a dreaded fight with the florist in a bid to buy a flower for Geet. The intimidated florist gives the admirer an artificial yellow rose, that the admirer colours with his blood in a frenzy. Geet’s depraved admirer, Samrat, poses to be a CID officer in front of Malhar and misleads him about his true intention. Kammo criticises Geet for taking Malhar to her ancestral temple and Jasleen sides with Kammo.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Samrat keeps Geet from slipping and falling and the latter mistakes him for Malhar. Soon, she comes face to face with Samrat and he worries Geet with his disturbing replies. Away, JK refuses to call Malhar back home for the sake of Geet’s wish to visit the temple and Kammo criticises JK. Later, Geet tells Malhar about her interaction with Samrat and clutches him in a tight embrace. Jasleen gives into her worries and calls Geet, she expresses her worries about Malhar’s journey with Geet to the temple. Jasleen insists Geet and Malhar return home pronto and confides in Geet about Malhar’s burnt clothes. She also tells Geet about her suspicion and states her concern for Malhar’s well-being. Geet agrees to return to Mehra House for Malhar’s sake but Malhar discourages Geet from doing so. However, JK expresses his faith in Geet and asks Geet to complete her visit to the temple.

In the interim, Samrat gets upset about Geet’s proximity with Malhar and pledges to ruin Malhar’s life. Soon enough, Samrat slaps himself for letting Malhar touch Geet and expresses disappointment himself in a crazed frenzy. Samrat assumes full authority over Geet and cries helplessly while pledging to make Geet his own. He calls the fire his friend and plans to burn Malhar just like his former victims. Malhar gets upset about Jasleen’s concerns and calls Simone to confront her about burning his belongings. Simone swears to have no knowledge about his burnt belongings, Simone tells Malhar that she loves him and would never wish to harm him. Well along, Geet calls Bhairavi and asks Bhairavi about her previous interactions with Simone. Bhairavi states the truth to Geet and Malhar realises that Simone did not burn his belongings. A worried Malhar considers telling Samrat about Geet’s admirer reaching the Mehra House.

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