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Gattimela 24 May 2023 Written Update: Dhruva’s injury makes Vaidehi emotional

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June 2, 2023

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As Dhruva’s thumb gets fractured, Vaidehi gets emotional on seeing him suffering from pain and starts to suspect Suhasini to be the one responsible for Dhruva’s injury.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Dhruva tries to tell Adithi the truth about his mother. Suhasini notices it and twists his finger to teach him a lesson.

In the next episode of Gattimela, Vaidehi suspects Suhasini as the doctor talks about Dhruva having fractured his thumb. Amulya questions Adithi about how it happened, to which Suhasini states that she saw Dhruva struggling on the floor to get up. The doctor supports Suhasini’s logic and asks the family members to be cautious about Dhruva’s health and puts on a finger brace on Dhruva’s thumb. Suhasini asks Adithi to be more cautious about Dhruva’s health as Dhruva’s room no longer has CCTV as Adithi too stays in his room. Adya supports Suhasini and asks Adithi to not leave Dhruva alone.

As Amulya leaves to inform Vedanth about Dhruva’s condition, Suhasini feels delighted about having injured Dhruva. Vaidehi gets emotional seeing Dhruva’s injured thumb. Later, Amulya makes Poori Chole for Vedanth and asks for his review about it. He is surprised when Amulya starts recording his video to capture his reaction to her dish. She is delighted when he praises the dish but gets annoyed when he keeps eating instead of giving a review for her to record. Amulya asks Vedanth to give a detailed review and is surprised when he starts to criticise her dish.

As Amulya starts talking about the difficulties of cooking, Vedanth tries to act smart. So, Amulya challenges him to cook and he decides to make Palav. In the kitchen, Vedanth struggles with the cooking, and Amulya and Adithi have fun watching it. Vaidehi sees Vedanth cooking in the kitchen and offers to help him, but Amulya stops her. As Amulya teases Vedanth, he asks the women to leave the kitchen, stating that they are disturbing him.

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