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If a single actress has made the most significant cultural impact, it is Kareena Kapoor. She is known for her gorgeous looks, distinct acting style and having an extremely loveable personality. Her personal and professional lives have been widely discussed, analyzed and even been controversial. Kareena has gone through various highs and lows, always being kind, generous and humble.

Gossip Queen of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor has lived her life like an open book, often telling personal stories through podcasts, books and chat shows. She is one person who intimately understands how to sell gossip better than most Bollywood journalists. Kareena is also addicted to the latest gossip, and her sibling Ranbir is often chatting with one another, keeping track of it on Whatsapp. If there's anything significant happening in the industry, she has the inside scoop of it all.

The Walkout Queen of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor is famous for her blockbuster roles and for not doing them. Here are just some of the parts and movies that she rejected-

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai: It was initially supposed to be her big debut film and even started shooting. However, she immediately felt that the role of Hrithik Roshan was much more prominent, so she decided to walk out of the movie. The movie turned out to be a huge blockbuster.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela: She was the first choice for this movie, but Kareena Kapoor didn't find the character that interesting. Kareena has since then regretted never being part of a Bhansali movie.

Queen: This one is a hard pill to swallow as it turned Kangana into a superstar. However, after seeing her performance, maybe it was meant to be for her only.

Fashion: This movie helped Priyanka win the Filmfare award for Best Actress, and Kareena helped pave the way. Later on, she did the movie Heroine, but we all know how that turned out.

How Kareena Got Into Acting From A Young Age

When her elder sister Karishma Kapoor travelled to sets for shooting, she would often accompany them. It became a fun activity for her, but it put the seed in her mind of being an actress somewhere along the way. Offspring of Bollywood families join the same industry because of how much it is part of their childhood.

How ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Tashan’ Film Changed Her Life

When Kareena was shooting for Jab We Met, she thought that the film wouldn't be a big hit. She saw it as a passion project of Shahid Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali. Kareena thought that Tashan would be her big break and was dieting to show off her iconic Zero figure look. Ultimately Jab We Met became a spectacular hit, changed her career, and is still recognized by the character of Geet. Tashan failed severely, but she fell for Saif, so this film changed her personal life.

Kareena's Name Was Given Later On

Did you know that her grandfather, Raj Kapoor, initially had named her Siddhima? However, it was later changed to Kareena, with the key inspiration being Anna Karenina by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. This was the novel that her mother used to read while being pregnant with her.

Kareena's Voice is Dubbed in 3 Idiots

The scene where Rancho and his gang break into Mona's wedding has some voiceover dubbing over it. More specifically, the part where Kareena is mocking them with the demo dialogue. The actor's voice is often dubbed because the directors feel like the tonality does not match the scene. It is a prevalent practice, but many people don't realize the shift because it is so subtle.

Kareena Expanding Her Horizons

Being a mother of two children is highly time-intensive, but that hasn't stopped Kareena from being in the limelight. She's now branched into other avenues that are less time-consuming than acting like Chat show host, author, and radio personality. She has effectively created a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Kareena Kapoor is the most recognizable personality in the whole of India. You can go to small towns or villages; you will see her face on every hoarding. Her reach into heartland India is surprising considering she is one of the urban, chique actresses. This is just further proof that Kareena is the evergreen actress of the 21st Century.


21 October 1980 (age41) Mumbai, Maharashtra

Active Years

1980 - Today
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